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The reason tens of thousands of local businesses just like yours use radio is very simple: Radio reaches more people, more often, for less money, with more impact, than any other form of local media. Radio is the dominant out-of-home media in the US, reaching 93% of your local consumers each week. Among the thousands of commercial messages that these consumers are exposed to each day, radio advertising is unique: it reaches consumers when they have little else to distract them. In fact, the engagement levels for radio advertising (the percentage of people who actively pay attention to the ads) is by far the highest of any mass media. This impact is magnified by the emotional and motivating power of audio. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the connections made through audio messaging have more impact on consumers than either video or print. Because radio listening is extremely habitual, the medium reaches the same consumers with greater average frequency than any other media. Finally, radio is the most affordable mass-market media available. Compared to the cost of reaching a similar-sized audience with the same frequency, radio advertising costs a fraction of other local media. We help local businesses of all sizes and every type become known before they are needed. This awareness, as well as compelling calls to action, enable them to win more than their fair share of local spending power. Our local marketing representatives can help you with ideas, and we’re certainly interested in hearing yours. To put the power of radio to work for your business, please use the form at right or go here for local phone and address info.


Today, the power of radio extends well beyond our on-air broadcasts. The digital solutions of Perry Media, LLC are designed to maximize the engagement and interaction of advertiser messages among our listener communities. Our digital solutions function like a “25th hour of the day” – adding extra impact to client campaigns. We can extend on-air campaigns into our web-based streaming and mobile apps, develop game-based or sweepstakes interactivity, co-brand in social media, and add rich video to amplify creative ideas and calls to action. Customers use these services to direct traffic to their own web and social sites, for user acquisition (campaign-specific email and SMS database lists), event participation, viral marketing, as well as to add frequency (at very affordable costs) to their on-air campaigns. Digital platforms also allow our advertisers to reach our listening communities where they live, work, and can take immediate action. No matter what the medium, it all starts with a great idea. We’ve got some for you and would love to hear yours as well.


Is your business differentiated from others in your local area? Branding is essential for creating long-term trust and repeat customers in your area. When given a choice between two similar products or services with the same price, 9 times out of 10 buyers will opt for the brand they recognize. To properly brand your business locally, you’ve got to reach out to your target markets via all outlets including print, Internet, television, and radio.


Direct mail promotions are especially effective for local service businesses and restaurants. While many of the offers go straight into the recycling bin, most people hang on to local restaurant coupons and home service offers because they appear to offer a monetary value unworthy of the discard pile. And again, the mere mention of your company name to possible customers reminds them of your brand.


Your business needs to be easily recognizable with clear signs that are streamlined with your company’s logo, unique mix of colors, and specials. If you’ve got a crumby sign that’s been painted over with corrections or (sigh) misspellings, go buy a new one! Banners with specials clearly posted are also a big for converting browsers into buyers. If you’re going to run a special, make a unique sign with a simple catch phrase to lure potential buyers in. Menus, business cards, and brochures should also display your business information utilizing the same brand theme.


When targeting certain demographics, it’s important to remember that certain promotional efforts are much more effective than others. Some people still use the big yellow phone book! I know it’s surprising, but it’s true. Also, specific local market segments are easier to capture through local neighborhood publications, newsletters, and magazines distributed in a local area. Don’t miss an opportunity to capture these customers.


Niche marketing can be tricky, especially if you’re not familiar with your competition’s strategies. Find out where your competitors are buying print ads and see if you can get one there too. Also, many local news and media publications publish local event sponsor profiles next to event calendars. For example, if you’re a local bra boutique and you want to target a niche female market, the logical thing to do is sponsor a local breast cancer fundraiser. Whatever your niche market entails, you can’t go wrong with sponsoring local charities and non-profits.