Grappling Dummy Throws, Techniques and Workouts

Grappling dummies are fantastic training tools as long as you know what to do with them. Many people buy a grappling dummy and do the same three or four throws day in and day out. Then after a few months the dummy is left to sit in the corner of the garage and collect dust.

Grappling dummies are great for getting in a stack of repetitive of a particular throw, submission or ground work position.

Throws such as Ippon Seoi nage. Osoto gari and harai Goshi are some of the awesome throws you can do with the dummy. Depending on what type of dummy you have you can even do double and single leg takedowns as well as Uchimata and Ouchi gari. Other throws include Koshi guruma, Ko soto gari,

One aspect that I love about grappling dummies is the transition position. Lay the dummy on its back and grasp its hand as if you have thrown it. Transition into either a jujitsu Gatame arm lock, side control or scarf hold. Continue practicing this and you find when you go to training you will have really smooth ne waza transitions.

In terms of top control, the drills you can do with the dummy are literally endless. Drilling positions such as side control to scarf hold and back again is a great drill, especially if you are a beginner Judoka. My favourite would have to be far side arm bar drilling. To do this drill simply start in a knee ride position, under hook the opposite arms and spin over performing a Juji Gatame on the opposite side.

Dummy workouts

You can also do some killer workouts and exercises with the dummy including:

zercher squats, shoulder presses, alternate push-ups, side stepping drills, step ups and loads more. Using these exercises you can make some of your own awesome workouts that will get you fit quickly, depending on the size of your dummy. Some of my favourite workouts include:

Tabata intervals with continuous throwing

1 minute throwing and count the best score

60 throws and count best time

1 throw and 1 Burpees for 10 minutes.

Grappling dummies are really good training tools especially if you find it hard to get to training due to work or family commitments. If you have a dummy already I highly recommend you get the Complete Guide to the Grappling Dummy. This guide contains stacks of techniques, workouts and exercises you can do with a grappling.

Source by Matt D’Aquino

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