MLB Power Rankings: Which teams are best suited for bullpen games in a shortened 2020 season?

Hello friends. Hopefully you’re finding a way to enjoy your Memorial Day. Ah, that means it’s Monday and I’m going to rank something. Unfortunately it’s not going to be the ol’ “hey, we’re two months into the MLB season and we can start to try and draw some conclusions” power rankings. Though it must be said, the Nationals were terrible at this point last year and turnarounds can happen (that shout-out was to you, my Nationals-aligned Twitter followers, who are excellent!). 

I need to rank something. 

I got it! I’m fully confident there is going to be a 2020 MLB season and also that it’s going to look unlike any other season we’ve ever seen. Part of that will be a very short ramp-up, second “spring” training. My hunch is it could be as short as two weeks. The position players will be fine. The starting pitchers, however, won’t have time to get stretched out to go more than a few innings at the start of the year. As such, the bullpens — with expanded rosters for extra relievers, mind you — will take on increased importance early in the season. 

So let’s rank the teams best suited for a bullpen game. That’s essentially what it’s likely going to be for the first several weeks of the season and, with a shortened schedule, that matters even more. 

Our guiding light here is depth. Having a strong back-end with little depth (sorry now, Nats fans!) isn’t quite as helpful as the teams with a long assembly line of quality relievers. Bonus points for teams who have been doing bullpen games already for the last several years (hello Rays and A’s). The manager/coaching staff matters, too. I have so much confidence in the Indians due to how often they bring up pitchers who find immediate success, for example. Their system is excellent. 

Let’s get to it. 

Teams best suited for a bullpen game

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