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Andrew Luck gives rehab update, but Colts coach has no idea when he might practice


Andrew Luck gives rehab update, but Colts coach has no idea when he might practice



One of the biggest mysteries in the NFL revolves around Andrew Luck and when he might finally return to football. It's now been more than 12 months since Luck underwent surgery on his injured shoulder, and we still have no idea when Luck might get medically cleared. 

We're not the only ones in the dark though; apparently, Colts coach Frank Reich is also unsure about when Luck might return. During an interview with the Indianapolis Star on Tuesday, Reich was asked if he thought Luck would be healthy enough to participate when the Colts begin OTAs later this year. 

"You know what, I'm hopeful that maybe that could happen," Reich said. "I'm hopeful, yeah. I know it sounds odd, but I'm not demanding an answer on that. I'm not, 'Hey, someone tell me, is he ready?' I hope he's there, but we'll go on if he's not. I'm optimistic, and I'm hopeful, but honestly that's not the forefront question on my mind every day coming to work."

If I were Reich, the health of my starting quarterback would literally be the only thing I was thinking about on my way to work every day. However, he did win a Super Bowlthis season, so we won't question his line of thinking. 

Although Reich doesn't seem to know when Luck might return, the Colts did get some good news on Tuesday, and that news came from Luck himself. During a team town hall, Luck said that he's starting to throw again.  

"I'm in the middle of sort of a little bit of throwing, but strengthening and preparing my shoulder to be able the throw load that is part of being an NFL quarterback -- that's part of being a quarterback," Luck said, via the team's official website. "So the focus right now is still strengthening all those muscles and making sure that my shoulder can handle it."

One thing that's not clear is if "a little bit of throwing" means he's actually throwing a football. Back on Feb. 7, Colts general manager Chris Ballard mentioned that Luck was throwing, but also added that he wasn't able to throw a football just yet. 

"His strength is good. He's working on his throw motion and he's working on his arm speed right now," Ballard said, via "He has not picked up a football, but he's throwing balls, working on arm speed."

Even if he's not technically throwing footballs yet, Luck did say that he feels good about where he is in rehab. 

"I feel awesome. I really do. I am in a great place," Luck said. "It's been a long journey to this point, and it'll still be a long journey 'til hopefully we get what we need to get done in Indianapolis. The rehab has been hard at times. The one thing I know in my heart is that I am getting better and I'm feeling great."

The Colts quarterback also shot down the rumor that he might be getting a second surgery at some point in the near future.

"That is not an option for me right now," Luck said. "I feel very, very good about where I am. So that [surgery] ship has sailed, in my mind, which is also a bit of a relief -- I'm not going to lie."

Luck's health has basically been a giant mystery since he underwent surgery in January 2017, and updates from the Colts have been all over the place. 

Back in June, Irsay said that Luck's recovery was going "tremendously." Two months later, the Colts owner said that Luck would likely only miss one or two games. That prediction turned out to be slightly off, because, instead of one or two games, Luck ended up missing the entire season. 

The Colts quarterback hasn't played in a game since December 2016, and if he somehow does return to the field in time for Indy's 2018 opener, that will come a full 20 months after he originally underwent shoulder surgery.