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The Eagles just won the Super Bowl and Twitter is freaking out

The Eagles just won the Super Bowl and Twitter is freaking out


The NFC East just lost a meme. The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl champions, and up is down, down is up, and fans are ecstatic. It was an absolute barnburner that was highlighted by some outstanding playcalling from head coach Doug Pederson, and in a Super Bowl where a lot of people felt that no matter who won, everybody lost, at least one fan base is thrilled with the result.

Just watched the Eagles win a Super Bowl in a bar full of cheering Steelers fans, if you need more evidence that the world might be ending.

Doug Pederson did in two years what Andy Reid couldn’t do in 14. Congratulations, Philadelphia!

I liked life better when the Giants were the only team to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl

first NFL championship since 1960. now own the 6th longest NFL title drought (1964).

Cardinals (1947), Lions (1957), Vikings (never/founded 1960), Titans/Oilers (never/founded 1960) & Chargers (never/founded 1960)

My man Howie Long getting to celebrate his son Chris winning another Super Bowl... absolutely amazing!

The @Eagles proved that there can only be one Lord of the Ring. And he does not share power.

The Eagles spent the entire season as underdogs, and now they've come full circle. When the Patriots faced a potential dynasty in the Rams in 2001, they managed to pull off a miracle win. Against all odds, the Eagles were able to do something similar. It was a huge win for a city that felt disrespected all season. Now check on your Cowboys and Redskins friends to make sure they're OK. The Giants will be fine, they're co-winners with the best commercial of the night.

And to the cops of Philadelphia, go grease up those poles.