The Last Dance: Twitter lights up during episodes 3 and 4 of the Michael Jordan and Bulls documentary

For the third and fourth episodes of the Michael Jordan docuseries on ESPN, The Last Dance, two of the main topics that were explored were Dennis Rodman and Phil Jackson’s supposed gift to basketball, the triangle offense. But just like the first two episodes, they weren’t the sole focus of their respective episode. Rodman’s episode doubled as a rehash of the Bad Boys 30 for 30 — with some of the Rodman 30 for 30 sprinkled in — while Jackson’s included the Bulls’ first trip to the NBA Finals in 1991.

The mild beauty of the sports world being at a complete standstill is that anyone truly craving sports content at this very moment is likely watching this series every Sunday and sharing their thoughts in real-time to the world on Twitter. While you won’t get the full story, following the timeline could give you a decent sense of what exactly is happening in the series at any given moment.

Here are some of the best tweets from Sunday’s airing of The Last Dance. We begin, of course, with Dennis Rodman.

The episode then veered into a segment about the Doug Collins-era Bulls from 1986 to 1989.

Naturally, that segued into arguably Jordan’s first iconic postseason moment, his game-winning shot against the Cavaliers to clinch win their 1989 first round series. The most notable part about this segment is how Ron Harper still seems upset that Craig Ehlo was tasked with guarding Jordan on that play instead of himself.

There was then a brief moment where the cameras showed Jordan’s security team with a particularly interesting name.

Returning to Rodman, the end of episode three involved the forward asking Jackson and Jordan for a vacation. The Bulls coach allowed him to go to Vegas for 48 hours.

Poor Doug Collins was on the butt of an incredible opening line to a news story about his firing.

The Rodman-focused episode even made former Bulls forward Charles Oakley nostalgic about time he spent with The Worm and Michael Jordan…well, a Michael Jordan who’s middle name isn’t Jeffrey.

Speaking of the Bad Boys, the anger that Jordan held towards them for not shaking the Bulls’ hands after their playoff series was quite palpable.

And now, a list of places people were when they saw Jordan’s layup where he switched hands in mid-air during the 1991 NBA Finals.

Finally, Jordan bullying Scott Burrell.

If it seems like I’m jumping around a lot in the timeline of Jordan’s career, sorry to tell you that that’s just how this series is structured.

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