10 Best Methods to Become a Street Fighter

Street fighting. As soon as that phrase is mentioned, images of Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Wesley Snipes, and others come to mind. On the big screen, street fights are brilliant displays of technique and power, and the would-be attackers are always left in a miserable heap by the end. Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t quite play out this way. Real street fights are usually confusing melees, with few effective or beautiful moves, and very few punches that actually land-none of which make that “thud” sound we here at the movies. Below are 10 secrets about street fighting that will hopefully leave you better prepared to defend yourself or your loved ones if the unfortunate need ever arises:

  1. Never try to use the “round-house” punches you see the actors on television and movies use; they are sure to miss and to leave you completely off-balance. Short quick jabs with a tightly closed fist (thumb on the outside, not inside) are much more effective.
  2. Being hit in the face-unless it comes from Mike Tyson-is not as painful as you would imagine, and unless your attacker manages to land on just the right spot, you won’t be knocked out or even down. You probably won’t even feel the pain for the first few moments due to the adrenalin rush you are sure to be experiencing.
  3. Using any method at your disposal is not only acceptable, it is necessary. If you are in a fight for your life, there is no time to worry about being accused of being “girly” for biting, pulling hair, or scratching. Any of these may do just enough damage to allow you to get away-the ultimate goal if you find yourself in a street fight.
  4. Street fights usually involve a lot of name calling, chest-beating, scuffling, and rolling around on the ground. Standing face to face and exchanging blows again only happens in the movies. Use your body weight or any of the more “girly” tactics mentioned above to extract yourself from a tangle on the ground, and keep the “trash-talk” at a minimum if not a zero.
  5. While one of the movie heroes mentioned above may not have to, if you find yourself facing an attacker who is wielding a weapon – knife or gun, for example, submit, plain and simple. Saving your life and looking for an opening to escape should be your only priorities.
  6. Learn to use the weapons that come naturally with your body. Fists for punching, elbows and forearms for facial and torso blows, knees for groin and abdomen shots, feet for stomping-hands, feet, head, whatever is available.
  7. A variation on the fist is using the heel of your hand. Striking upward on your attacker’s nose is almost certainly going to break it, and may do worse. Use this technique only in the deadliest of situations as it can be lethal.
  8. Don’t forget another natural bodily weapon: your forehead. The forehead is quite hard and a quick sharp blow to your attacker’s nose will at very least stun them, and possibly incapacitate them altogether.
  9. Use your voice-the deeper and louder the better. Yelling a sharp command may cause your attacker to temporarily freeze, which can give you precious moments to attack or escape.
  10. Use the heel of your foot-not the toe, as you may hurt yourself more than your attacker-to kick at sensitive areas such as the shins, the insteps, and the groin.

With these 10 secrets about street fighting you will find you are more able to protect both yourself and your loved ones. Just remember that the ultimate goal is not to beat someone to a bloody pulp, it is to protect yourself, and ultimately, to get away.

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