2020 Dynasty Fantasy Football: Latest quarterback tiers and rankings after free agency movement

I don’t know that there’s a more helpful process on Draft Day than tiering. It’s more helpful than ranking in that you don’t necessarily have to rank players in a way that artificially puts one above another. It’s probably even better than projections, though I’d have a hard time building my tiers without first doing my projections. 

But what’s the point? For me, it’s to show me what groups of players resemble each other in value so that I can make better choices when choosing between positions and players. But resemble does not mean “equal to.” There are tiers within tiers, especially if you don’t want to have 15 tiers at a position. With that in mind, I highlighted a few players in the tiers below that really don’t fit in any tier with a short description of how I feel about them in Dynasty below the tiers. 

Also, you’ll notice the formatting is different for this round of Dynasty tiers. I thought it might be more helpful to see them all together. Let me know what you think.

Kyler Murray: It’s worth noting that Murray didn’t really stand out in last year’s rookie class, and the hopes we had for Kliff Kingsbury’s offense still remain hopes. So I’d understand if you thought Murray was a tier too high. At the same time, the Cardinals just added DeAndre Hopkins and Murray still has the pedigree that screams elite Fantasy production. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in the top tier by Week 8.

Russell Wilson: If Brian Schottenheimer and Pete Carroll would unleash Wilson, I legitimately believe he could be a top tier option for the next five years. But their conservative nature along with Wilson’s age (could hamper his running totals) are enough to drop him to Tier 3. 

Aaron Rodgers: Rodgers hasn’t been a top-five Fantasy quarterback since 2016. The Packers’ lone move to improve his weapons has been to add Devin Funchess. While I assume the initial reaction of most would be that Rodgers is too low, I’m actually worried he might be too high. Are we really sure he’s a better Dynasty quarterback than Tom Brady or Drew Brees?

Tom Brady: Speaking of Brady, there’s just no way to put together Dynasty rankings or tiers that adequately reflect his value. Or any old quarterback for that matter. He’s a top-12 option for this season. Probably for 2021 as well. But he could fall off a cliff (or retire) at any moment.

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