2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: 10 post-hype hitting prospect sleepers to consider on Draft Day

You can find superstars by targeting this year’s most-hyped young players, but you’ll also have to pay a premium to get them. That’s just how it works: We always want the next big thing, so you’re going to have to invest a pretty early pick or a sizable chunk of your auction budget to grab Luis Robert this year. Prepare to pay even more for Fernando Tatis, Vladimir Guerrero or Eloy Jimenez, last year’s top prospects who showed enough in the majors to project easy superstar production someday.

However, as excited as we get for the latest shiny object, we tend to toss them aside fairly quickly once they show some blemishes. Robert tore up the minors last year, and while his aggressive approach at the plate might lead to some overexposure against major-league arms, that hasn’t come to fruition yet, so we’re still dreaming on the upside. If he struggles to make contact in his first taste of the majors and even earns a demotion back to the minors, his price will be significantly lower this time next year — even if the talent level hasn’t changed much. That’s just what happens when a prospect moves from the realm of the theoretical into an actual major-league player, with all the warts and flaws they typically show.

That is where the concept of the post-hype sleeper comes from. I’m going to spend the next few days looking for post-hype options to target on Draft Day, and first up, we’re going to look at 10 recent prospects who have failed to live up to the hype so far, and who have seen their prices drop as a result. If you took a chance on the likes of Yoan Moncada, Joey Gallo, Tyler Glasnow or Matt Olson last season, you reaped the benefits.

Here are 10 hitters with the potential to do the same in 2020:

So which sleepers should you snatch in your draft? And which undervalued first baseman can help you win a championship? Visit SportsLine now to get rankings for every single position, all from the model that called Kenta Maeda’s huge breakout last season, and find out.

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