2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: 10 post-hype sleeper pitchers to target in the late rounds

Post-hype sleepers should be some of your top late-round targets on Draft Day every year, for obvious reasons. You’re getting an opportunity to buy an elite talent at a reduced price because of early failure to gain traction. If you bet on Jose Berrios in 2017 coming off an 8.02 ERA in his first taste of the majors, you got a solid pitcher for free; if you bought Blake Snell heading into 2018 coming off a trip back to the minors in 2017, you were rewarded with a Cy Young caliber season.

We love prospects in the Fantasy industry, but we are very much a “What have you done for me lately” group. Mostly by necessity — you can’t afford to hold on to players for too long just because they used to be prospects.  But, you don’t want to give up on them too early, chasing the next shiny thing and ignoring potential just because a player failed once.

Baseball is a hard sport, and most players fail in their first taste of the majors. What separates the great ones from the pack — what separates Mike Trout from Brandon Wood — is how they respond to that first taste of failure. I gave 10 post-hype hitters you’ll want to target on Draft Day, and here are 10 post-hype pitchers I’m betting will bounce back and be impact players for Fantasy. In 2020 and beyond. 

10 Post-Hype Sleeper Pitchers

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