2020 Fantasy Football Opportunity Index: Huge openings for Calvin Ridley, Will Fuller and others

Before free agency, I first published the 2020 Opportunity Index to look at where team’s might be adding assets. We correctly identified the Texans’ need for a running back, even if we didn’t expect they’d trade DeAndre Hopkins to accomplish that goal. We also discussed the Falcons need for a tight end, and their acquisition of Hayden Hurst makes him an instant super sleeper at tight end

But now that teams have made acquisitions, and in a few cases subtractions, it’s easier to see where the true opportunities are. And more than a few things stick out:

  • The Falcons and Texans now have far more opportunity available than any other team. This is good news for additions like Randall Cobb, Hayden Hurst and David Johnson. But don’t overlook what it means for both Calvin Ridley and Will Fuller. Both have top-12 upside right now, though Ridley’s floor is much higher because of Fuller’s injury history.
  • Things are going to be crowded in Arizona. The Cardinals only had 84 wide receiver targets available off last year’s squad. Hopkins is used to double that. One of the most interesting things to watch in 2020 is how much Kliff Kingsbury’s approach changes. No player saw more than 25% of the team’s targets last year. And I could have written almost the same words about Stefon Diggs and Minnesota.
  • It’s even worse in Cleveland. Austin Hooper joins Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, Odell Beckham, Jarvis Landry, and there’s simply no way for all of these stars to return value in 2020 Fantasy leagues. That’s especially true if the Browns continue to be a low pass volume offense. Their acquisition of Andy Janovich didn’t make me feel any better. For now, I expect everyone but Beckham to fall short of their 2019 per game production. On the bright side, Baker Mayfield has everything he could ever want for a bounceback.

  • Even with a low-volume pass offense, Adam Thielen could eat this year. The loss of Stefon Diggs is going to be a problem for Kirk. Cousins, but it could be a real blessing for Thielen. During his breakout in 2018, Thielen saw nearly 10 targets per game. That type of volume wasn’t possible in the Vikings offense last year, even if he’d stayed healthy. With Diggs out of the equation it’s certainly possible.

Here’s the full Opportunity Index as well as each team’s positional target rate in 2020:

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