2020 NFL Draft: Coaches already experiencing problems ahead of virtual draft, per report

This year, the NFL Draft will be a lot different, as coaches and front offices will be submitting their picks virtually. There are new rules and policies in place to ensure an even playing field and to make sure there is a plan, in case any of the virtual calls are dropped or any other problems occur.

Some people are skeptical about how successful it will be and are wondering what could possibly go wrong during the seven rounds of selections.

Coaches have expressed some concerns and are already raising some red flags regarding issues with the virtual connection.

Dianna Russini of ESPN tweeted about her conversation with an unnamed coach.

She wrote: 

“I was on the phone with a head coach talking about the mock draft today and he was losing his mind because his Internet went down…apparently his young children were all on their iPads using up the band width. “everybody get off the Internet” -in loud dad voice. I hung up.”

On draft day the kids will have to be off all electronics.

According to Russini, a general manager relayed to her other issues. The GM said, “There are early communication issues because 32 of us [general managers] are on a conference call and we didn’t hit mute. Sounds awful.”

In mock drafts, coaches said there were technical difficulties on the very first pick. The league says they will be able to stop the clock if any of these technical problems occur during any of the rounds.

Hacking is another major concern with many, and teams have been working to the best of their ability, to ensure their private notes and discussions will not go public.

Well, this should be fun.

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