2020 NFL Draft: Day 2 prop bets and predictions, including landing spots for D’Andre Swift, Jalen Hurts

The first round of the 2020 NFL Draft played out, for the most part, the way many expected. There were some surprises, but that is the fun in it all. As Day 2 arrives, teams will be looking to potentially move up for their targets and that will shake up the board. To make things a bit more interesting, our friends at William Hill Sports Book dropped a fresh batch of prop bets.

CBS Sports does its best job to read the tea leaves and help earn you some money on Friday night. 

First Day 2 quarterback to be selected

Jalen Hurts: -150
Jacob Eason: +120
Jake Fromm: +500

The value is on Eason here. He should be the first quarterback selected on Day 2. I think the odds of it playing out that way are as good as Hurts being taken first. Eason offers more upside at the position, whereas Hurts possesses the higher floor. 

The first round of the draft is in the books, so who were the winners and losers? Will Brinson and the Pick Six Podcast Superfriends are here to break it all down; listen below and be sure to subscribe for daily NFL goodness.

Which team will draft Jalen Hurts

Field: +300
Indianapolis Colts: +300
New England Patriots: +450
Las Vegas Raiders: +450
Pittsburgh Steelers: +450
Chicago Bears: +1000

The Patriots have been linked to Hurts the most but Hurts’ style of play has not matched that of New England or Indianapolis in the past. The Raiders might be sneaky value here. He comes from a traditionally strong program, has great leadership skills and provides some mobility.

Jalen Hurts draft position

Over 55.5: +110
Under 55.5: -140

New England does not have a second round pick. The buzz suggests that Hurts will be taken somewhere on Day 2 but it is difficult finding the fit. I’ll take the Over.

Jacob Eason draft position

Over 50.5: -110
Under 50.5: -110

Similar to Hurts, it is difficult to find the fit. It seems more likely that he would go in the later portion of Round 2 than the alternative. What I find most interesting about this prop is that Eason’s Over/Under is set lower than Hurts’, which suggests they think Eason will be taken first. However, the prop on first quarterback taken favors Hurts. I would probably steer clear of even odds though.

Jake Fromm draft position

Over 69.5: -110
Under 69.5: -110

Fromm has his limitations. Teams need to surround him with talent in order for him to find success. The description fits a backup quarterback, which is not commonly taken in the first two rounds. I will take the Over again. There is not much value though.

First Day 2 running back selected

D’Andre Swift: -280
Jonathan Taylor: +250
JK Dobbins: +500
Cam Akers: +1200

Swift should be the first running back taken in Round 2, but it is not a slam dunk. I would probably splash some funds on those other three options before betting on the Georgia product. 

D’Andre Swift draft position

Over 38.5: -130
Under 38.5: +100

Will Swift be taken in the first six picks of the second round? Let’s look at the potential suitors as it stands now: Bengals, Colts, Panthers, Lions, Patriots and Giants. The Colts make the most sense but they have more pressing needs. The Lions could be a sleeper but I do not see them addressing the position until later. Unless a trade up occurs, Over is the safe bet.

Jonathan Taylor draft position

Over 45.5: -110
Under 45.5: -110

My argument for each of these running backs will be similar. It is a matter of preference and they could be taken in any order. The odds are even so I would likely sit them all out. In the specific case of Taylor, I would take the Over. The better fits lie in the second half of the second round.

JK Dobbins draft position

Over 52.5: -110
Under 52.5: -110

Dobbins will probably be taken in that range, which makes it even less appealing. I’m leaning Under.

Tee Higgins draft position

Over 42.5: -110
Under 42.5: -110

There are a few teams that could select Higgins but just as many larger receiver options are on the board. It would not surprise me to see Denzel Mims or Michael Pittman Jr. picked before him. I’d lean over, but again, not much value here. 

Michael Pittman Jr. draft position

Over 47.5: -110
Under 47.5: -110

NFL teams think very highly of Pittman. He is a consistent, known commodity with NFL bloodlines. There is not much value in this pick but I think he will be gone before pick No. 48 overall. 

Xavier McKinney draft position

Over 40.5: -110
Under 40.5: -110

I did not expect McKinney to slip out of the first round so I will take the Under. Although, the Browns at No. 41 could be very interested if he falls.

Julian Okwara draft position

Over 46.5: -110
Under 46.5: -110

Okwara is not my cup of tea. There is a shortage of legitimate edge rusher options so he could be pushed up. I will take the Over though. I like Boise State’s Curtis Weaver and Michigan’s Josh Uche more.

First tight end drafted

Cole Kmet: -350
Adam Trautman: +450
Albert Okwuegbunam: +1000
Hunter Bryant: +1000
Brycen Hopkins: +1200
Harrison Bryant: +1200

There is no value in Kmet so I would potentially bet Trautman with Harrison Bryant being my sleeper. The first tight end should come off the board in Round 2 but no one should be surprised if it does not pan out that way.

First safety drafted

Xavier McKinney: -280
Grant Delpit: +270
Jeremy Chinn: +700
Antoine Winfield Jr.: +800
Ashtyn Davis: +1500
Kyle Dugger: +2500

I think McKinney will be the first off the board but it is not a guarantee. I would sprinkle some money on Chinn and Winfield with that value. Davis would be in the mix if he were healthy but there are some underlying concerns there. 

Position of 2020 Mr. Irrelevant

Wide receiver or tight end: +500
Running back or fullback: +600
Offensive line: +650
Defensive line or EDGE: +650
Linebacker: +650
Cornerback: +650

You might as well throw darts at a board. It depends how the board falls. The depth at certain positions can be taken into consideration and maybe teams will be looking to land another one of these receivers before undrafted free agency. Wide receiver or tight end would probably be my bet.

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