2020 NFL Draft: Here’s why Bill O’Brien was ranting on camera during draft broadcast

Bill O’Brien has shown this offseason he’s never been afraid to pull the trigger on a trade, even if the deal greatly favors the other team. The 2020 NFL Draft showed how furious O’Brien can get when a deal falls through, as evidenced late in the third round Friday night. 

ESPN showed a frustrated O’Brien yelling at someone across the room when the camera panned to the Houston Texans when it was their turn to make a selection. As it turns out, the Texans were victims of the Detroit Lions backing out of a deal (per John McLain of the Houston Chronicle). 

The video starts with O’Brien on the phone and ending a conversation. O’Brien takes a pause, clearly showcasing frustration. Then he puts both his hands up and yells to someone off camera with a few choice words (which aren’t said on the broadcast as ESPN’s Trey Wingo is talking), but it’s pretty obvious O’Brien is frustrated. 

The Texans had a deal with the Lions for the No. 90 pick in the third round (Houston was trying to trade down and acquire more picks), but the Lions pulled out of the deal at the last second. Clearly, that frustrated O’Brien and the Texans, who ended up selecting Florida outside linebacker Jonathan Greenard with the pick. Greenard is expected to help a Texans pass rush that finished tied for 26th in the NFL with 31 sacks last season. 

Houston has five picks remaining in the draft, but three of those are in the seventh round. The Texans have just one fourth-round selection (No. 111) and one fifth-round selection (No. 171), so it’s hard to fault them for wanting to acquire more picks. 

If only O’Brien didn’t send a second-round pick to the Los Angeles Rams for Brandin Cooks earlier this month and threw in a fourth-round pick in the DeAndre Hopkins deal. 

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