2020 NFL Draft QB profiles: Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, Jordan Love, Justin Herbert and more

In whatever form we ultimately experience the 2020 NFL Draft, this much is a near-certainty: The Bengals will make Joe Burrow the No. 1 overall pick. The former LSU standout and Heisman Trophy winner is coming off the best college season in history, and other than average arm strength he does everything else at an extremely high level. Rarely does a player transform a franchise, but that sure feels like a distinct possibility with Burrow and Cincinnati.

And while Burrow’s fate lacks anything resembling suspense, things get truly interesting in the moments after he’s drafted. Because that’s when the jockeying for QB2 begins in earnest. It starts with Tua Tagovailoa, whose surgically repaired hip will determine if he goes as high as second overall or slides down draft boards. Or could Justin Herbert and his first-round skill set convince a team (or teams) to trade up for his services? And then there’s Jordan Love, whose forgettable 2019 season will be forgotten by NFL teams eager to project him as a diamond in the rough with unlimited upside.

Keep reading for the draft profiles of these quarterbacks and more.

Joe Burrow

NFL comp: Andrew Luck 
Best trait:
Processing abilities/smarts

LSU 6-3 4/8 221 9 30 7/8 74


  • Football IQ is second to none
  • Keeps eyes downfield in face of rush, goes through progressions
  • Incredibly accurate to every level; consistently fits ball in small windows


  • Only has average arm strength
  • Average size for NFL QB
  • Just one year of production

Tua Tagovailoa

NFL comp: Russell Wilson
Best trait:
 Ability to keep play alive

Alabama 6-0 217 9 7/8 30 4/8 75 2/8


  • Legit dual-threat QB than can beat you with arm or legs
  • The best deep-ball passer in this draft class
  • Great anticipation on short/intermediate routes, can fit ball in tight windows


  • Only has average arm strength
  • Below-average height
  • Injury history is a real concern

Jordan Love

NFL comp: Patrick Mahomes
Best trait:
 Athleticism, arm strength

Utah St. 6-3 6/8 224 10 4/8 32 5/8 80


  • Can make every throw on the field
  • Has great touch on deep balls
  • Has athleticism to make plays with his feet  


  • Coming off forgettable 2019 season
  • Can try to do too much which leads to unforced turnovers
  • Can stare down receivers          
4.74 n/a 35.5 118 7.21 4.52

Justin Herbert

NFL comp: Ryan Tannehill
Best trait:
 Cannon for a right arm

Oregon 6-6 2/8 236 10 32 7/8 78 7/8


  • At 6-6, prototypical height for NFL QB
  • Has best arm in draft, can make every throw
  • Has athleticism to be a dual threat QB


  • Way too inconsistent despite starting four years
  • Struggles with touch on intermediate throws
  • Didn’t always play big in big games

Jacob Eason

NFL comp: Carson Palmer
Best trait:
 Arm strength

Washington 6-5 7/8 231 9 4/8 32 7/8 79


  • Looks the part of prototypical NFL QB
  • Has strong right arm, can make every throw
  • Regularly hits targets in stride on short/intermediate routes for max YAC


  • Inexperienced; probably should’ve returned to Washington for 2020 season
  • Struggles once pocket breaks down; accuracy takes a nosedive
  • After strong start, consistency was all over the place during final month of season

Jake Fromm

NFL comp: Colt McCoy
Best trait:
 Pre-snap intelligence

Georgia 6-1 7/8 219 8 7/8 31 1/8 75


  • Accurate passer
  • Does not put the ball in harm’s way
  • Works through his progressions quickly  


  • Does not have the strongest arm
  • Won’t be confused with a dual-threat QB
  • Tiny hands

Jalen Hurts

NFL comp: Taysom Hill
Best trait:

Oklahoma 6-1 222 9 6/8 31 6/8 77 5/8


  • Fast, evasive as a runner
  • Accurate, throws with touch
  • Quick learner  


  • Looks to tuck and run too quickly
  • Throws off platform far too often
  • Makes bad decisions, throwing into coverage  

Anthony Gordon

NFL comp: Gardner Minshew
Best trait:
 Processing, short-area accuracy

Washington St. 6-2 3/8 205 9 6/8 31 73


  • Quick release, quick processing, knows how to get through his reads
  • Great accuracy to short areas of the field
  • Some off-platform throws  


  • Lacks typical NFL starter arm strength, downfield accuracy is average at best
  • Improvises but isn’t a high-caliber athlete
  • Play against pressure needs legit improvement

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