2020 NFL Draft: Titans coach has an explanation for that extremely awkward looking situation at his house

With the NFL Draft being held virtually for the first time ever this year, we got to see some interesting things during the first round on Thursday. Not only did we see Jerry Jones making picks from his $250 million yacht, but we also got to see Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury calling in his picks from what appeared to be the house from “Parasite.”

And then of course, there were the Titans, who provided what might go down as the most bizarre draft moment of all-time. After the Titans went on the clock with the 29th overall, the camera cut to Mike Vrabel’s house and this is what America saw …

… there is a lot to digest here, so I won’t be offended if you want to pause and stare at the photo for 35 more minutes. I’m not going to rehash everything in the photo right now, because we did that on Thursday night, but we are going to get to the bottom of a key mystery: Was there someone in the picture using the bathroom in front of a national television audience?

The answer to that question is apparently no (you can see a zoomed picture of the person in the top right corner by clicking here). 

The subject of whether or not someone was caught going number two at Vrabel’s house actually came up during his press conference after the first round was over. According to Vrabel, his son Tyler was simply sitting on a stool. 

“I know there’s some pictures going around — Tyler was not using the restroom,” Vrabel said, via the Athletic. “Tyler was sitting on a barstool next to his mom. And as fate would have it, it came across as probably something other than that.”

Now I know what you’re thinking and that does seem like the thing a dad would say so that his son won’t forever be remembered as the guy going number two on national television. However, it seems that Vrabel’s story checks out. 

Here’s video from the pick and you can clearly see Mrs. Vrabel hanging out with Tyler in a room where they’re watching the draft on television. Mrs. Vrabel moves out of the picture at the 17-second mark, which led to the apparent look that Tyler was using the bathroom. 

Mystery solved. 

In actual football news, the Titans selected right tackle Isaiah Wilson out of the University of Georgia. 

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