2020 NFL Draft: Zack Moss joins Bills, cuts into Devin Singletary’s 2020 potential

Devin Singletary already had to compete with Josh Allen for short-area rush attempts, and now he has more company as the Bills selected Utah runner Zack Moss in the third round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Moss was a productive back at Utah loved by scouts for his footwork and broken tackle ability, but questions about his athleticism loom large after he ran a 4.65 40-yard dash at the combine. 

Moss was a dual-threat back at Utah, racking up 66 catches in college and rushing for over 4,000 yards and 38 scores on the ground. He gets praise for unmeasureable running back traits, and because of that he frequently drew comps to some of the more productive NFL backs who didn’t test particularly well like Dalvin Cook and Kareem Hunt. Early on the offseason, PFF had Moss rated as their top back, though they moved him down to No. 2 closer to draft time. 

His tested athleticism is almost certainly what led to his slip in the draft, and while he should have a role in Buffalo, it’s not a great landing spot. The Bills kicked the tires on Melvin Gordon this offseason and were looking for a back to pair with Singletary — most of what they’ve done this offseason has suggested they wanted to replace Frank Gore in a 1B role, not hand every-down work over to Singletary. Moss should see work early in his career, but unfortunately it’s not the kind that leads to Fantasy success. 

And the biggest reason that’s a problem is Josh Allen, whose rushing ability has meant precious few targets to the position the past couple seasons. He prefers to take off and scramble rather than get through his reads and check the ball down. Moss’s ability in that area will mean what few targets there are will be split. 

Allen’s also a weapon inside-the-10, and had 11 carries in that area last season, finishing with nine rushing scores. Singletary had just four, a big reason he finished with just 2 rushing touchdowns.

In PPR leagues, we want backs who catch passes and have touchdown potential, and if they don’t they better play close to every snap. Buffalo is a worse setup for these high-value touches than any team in the league, and now we have what is likely to be a committee. Singletary and Moss might both be young, intriguing backs in the NFL, but in Fantasy, there’s not a lot to like. 

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