2020 NFL free agency: 49ers’ Marquise Goodwin being discussed in possible trade talks, per report

The clock may be ticking on Marquise Goodwin’s stay with the San Francisco 49ers. The team is still recovering from their loss in Super Bowl LIV in which they allowed the Kansas City Chiefs to climb back in the fourth quarter to claim a 31-20 victory, and general manager John Lynch is now looking for ways to tweak the roster to keep the team in contention to return to the Big Game this coming season — a feat easier said than done. The 49ers scored no points in the fourth quarter in Miami, and having a speedy wideout like Marquise Goodwin available might’ve helped their cause, but Goodwin finished the year on injured reserve with a knee injury.

The team still values Goodwin to some degree, and that’s why the 49ers won’t entertain simply cutting him, but head coach Kyle Shanahan made it clear a possible trade isn’t off the table. To his point, Goodwin is now a name that’s reportedly surfaced in possible trade talks ahead of NFL free agency, per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, as Lynch and Shanahan attempt to see what they could get in return if they were to ship Goodwin out of town. 

Speaking to The Athletic from the 2020 NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Indiana, Shanahan didn’t bite his tongue about any of it.

“We wouldn’t release Marquise,” he said of Goodwin. “He’s too valuable. I know he fell out of the rotation last year, then he had an injury (and) wanted to go on IR so he could get it cleaned up. I think it is right now. 

“I haven’t seen him for a while. Marquise is a guy who can play in this league. If he’s on this team, he’s going to be competing with that group and, if not, I feel pretty confident another team would want him … So we’ll have him come back and compete, and if that doesn’t work out we could always possibly trade him.”

That’s a lot of if’s, and makes for a very murky future for Goodwin in the Bay Area.

While still a viable option for teams looking to nab a speedy wideout, Goodwin is returning from injury and he’ll turn 30 years old before the 2020 regular season concludes. He’s played a full 16-game slate only once in his seven-year NFL career (2017), but his ability to produce 962 yards that season was enough to convince the 49ers he was worth the three-year, $20.3 million extension they awarded him in 2018. A former third-round pick of the Buffalo Bills in 2013, Goodwin is currently on his second contract with the 49ers, and potentially his last.

Shanahan is already eyeing wide receiver prospects ahead of the NFL draft, which further hints at a possible move being made soon on Goodwin.

“I’ve been told it’s a very good [class of receivers], he said. “… A good group of guys.”

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