2020 NFL Free Agency: Ranking the 100 best free agents, where do Dak Prescott and Tom Brady land?

1 It looks more and more likely that the Cowboys will be putting the franchise tag on him. That won’t make Prescott a happy man. He is young, talented and improving. Pay the man. 2 He is a power player who is only just now coming into his own. At 26, the Chiefs would be wise to keep him, whether with a new deal or a tag. 3 Brees announced on Instagram Tuesday that he will return for another season with the Saints.  4 Where will he go? Who will pay him? Will the Patriots bring him back? I think they do, but he will have options. He needs more help than what the Patriots gave him last year. 5 He is coming off a lost season due to injury, and age is starting to become an issue. But he’s still a big-time receiver when healthy. Teams in need of a go-to, big receiver — like the Bills — should be all-in if the Bengals don’t put the franchise tag on him. 6 Did the Chargers really move on from him? That might end up being a mistake. Rivers can still play if the offensive line in front of him can hold up. The Colts would make a lot of sense. 7 He’s a good receiver, but is he worth great-receiver money? I would imagine that’s the big holdup for the Cowboys. He disappeared in some big games for them last season. 8 At 31, he is still a good cover player who can play inside and outside. There is great value in that. He isn’t slowing down, either. 9 The Bucs will likely use the franchise tag on him to retain him after his breakout season in 2019. They would be foolish to let him walk after he led the NFL with 19.5 sacks. But is he a one-hit wonder? That’s why negotiations will be tricky. 10 He doesn’t put up big sack numbers, getting just three last season, and he isn’t a great edge rusher in terms of explosiveness. He was slowed by injury last year, but everybody is intrigued by his potential. 11 Yes, he throws a ton of picks. But he also throws for a lot of yards and touchdowns. He’s still relatively young as well. The Bucs are considering bringing him back, and it means using the franchise tag to do it. 12 He can play corner and safety, but he didn’t play as well as expected on the corner last year. Even so, he’s young enough and versatile enough to be a big-ticket free agent. 13 Here’s another safety who many might not know who is going to get a nice deal after an impressive 2019 season. He has six picks and did a nice job in the middle when asked to do so. 14 He is coming off his best season, which will help his value go up. At 26, his best football is still to come. He is an active, athletic linebacker. 15 His name might not be one a lot of fans recognize, but you can bet the NFL personnel people are well aware of him. He is young and athletic and is a ball hawk. There is great value in that. 16 Teams looking to upgrade the interior of their line should start with Scherff. This former college tackle has made a smooth transition inside to guard where his athletic ability is on full display. 17 He is a nice edge rusher who probably should be playing as a 3-4 linebacker. The Jaguars could tag him. He isn’t great against the run, but has improved. But that’s not why you sign him, you sign him to rush the passer. 18 He had his best season in 2019, coming at the right time. It’s unlikely the 49ers will be able to keep him, so he’s about to get a mega-deal from some team. 19 He proved last season that after his devastating knee injury he is still capable of being a quality starter. He came off the bench when Drew Brees got hurt to lead the Saints to a 5-0 record. It’s time he gets a real chance to start. 20 He is coming off his best season, a career year with 11 sacks. That should help him command a nice deal if the Steelers can’t keep him. 21 He resurrected his career with the Titans last season, coming off the bench to lead them to the playoffs. He’s probably going to get a tag of some sort, but what’s his true value now? 22 Teams looking for a quality guard who is well schooled in the fundamentals should look at Thuney. He was the Pats best lineman last season. 23 After a slow start to his 2019 season following an injury-marred 2018 season, he bounced back and played well down the stretch and in the playoffs. He’s a good starting right tackle. 24 He gambled last season by signing a one-year deal with the Rams and responded with 11.5 sacks, a career high. At 26, that’s going to get him paid. 25 He is coming off his best season when he led the league in rushing and followed that up with an impressive postseason. The Titans will likely retain him with a tag of some sort if they can’t lock him up. 26 He is a power player who can handle the point against the run. Good big people get paid. He will get a nice deal and he offers some pass-rush ability. 27 He thinks he’s an elite corner, but he’s not that. He is, however, a nice starter who will help a team in need of coverage ability. He’s started 47 games the past three seasons. 28 He is solid starting right tackle who just goes about doing his job. He has been a good pass blocker for most of his nine seasons with the Packers. 29 Injuries are the only thing that’s held him back in his career, but he’s had a bunch of them. Even so, in a limited tight-end market, he will get action. 30 He is a good left tackle who will command a nice paycheck in this market. He’s been consistently good the past few seasons. There is talk he might retire. 31 His speed will make him a wanted commodity on the market as teams look to upgrade their outside passing game. He doesn’t always play to the speed, but it’s there. 32 Teams looking for a pass-catching tight end will pursue Hooper. He’s one of the top tight ends in the free-agent group. 33 He is coming off his best season as a pro, and he’s become a top-level defensive lineman, even if few know it. At 25, he has a lot of good football left. 34 The Giants traded to get him from the Jets, but he almost certainly will be gone. He isn’t a big sack guy, which will keep his price down. 35 He is coming off a career year at the right time, registering 9.5 sacks to make him a valuable edge player in this class. He does have 24.5 sacks the past three seasons, so he’s not a one-hit wonder. 36 He’s been a quality playmaker on the Browns defense the past three seasons and should warrant a nice market. He can play both the run and the pass well. 37 The way Xavier Rhodes played last season for the Vikings, they might want to keep Waynes. He’s not a star corner, but he is a capable starter for any team. 38 He is coming off his best season as he moved to safety full time. He has nice range in a league that mandates it on the back end. 39 After coming over in a trade from the Lions, this former first-round pick played a big part in the success of the Patriots defense. He can play off the ball, but he can also rush the passer when needed. 40 He held out last year, but didn’t get a new deal. Now he’s on the market, but we know the trend of paying backs only to get back a bad return could hurt him. 41 He’s developed into a nice starting left tackle and the Cardinals want him back. The former first-round pick is hitting stride at the age of 26. 42 His end-of-season performance will help his stock on the market. He can run, which teams need. At 27, he will find a good contract because of his big-play ability. 43 He is coming off a good season for the Titans, but he is closing in on 30 and he is limited in terms of man-coverage skills. He does have a knack for making plays in the Tennessee defense. 44 He’s coming back for another season, which will almost certainly be with the Rams. He’s not as good as he was a few years back, but he’s still an above-average tackle. 45 It’s hard to believe, but he is 32 and is entering his 11th season. Even so, he’s still a good safety and knows what it takes to help lead a secondary. There’s value in that. 46 How much does he have left? He is 39 and injuries have started to take a toll on his body. He isn’t the same player he was a few years ago. 47 He had his breakout season in 2019 with six sacks as he became a full-time starter. He is one of the sneaky-good players on this list. 48 On a team with corner issues, he was the bright spot playing inside in the nickel. He was a good nickel player for the Falcons before signing with the Jets last year on a one-year deal. 49 He gets traded to Cleveland from the Pats and struggled, but came back last season on a one-year deal and looked like the playmaker from his early days with the Pats. He is a run-and-chase linebacker, who flashed as a pass rusher last season. 50 He seemed to revive his career last year in his one season with the Cowboys. He had 11.5 sacks and looked like a younger version of himself. He is 30, so age could start to be a real issue. 51 He is a solid veteran who can help a secondary, but he isn’t great in the run game has never lived up to his draft billing as a first-round pick. Even so, he can help teams on the back end in need of it. 52 He missed the first six games last season when suspended for violating the league’s personal-conduct policy. He came back to start for the Seahawks, but he wasn’t as good as the year before. Even so, he has the tools to be a good inside player. 53 I thought this kid had star potential when he came out, but it hasn’t worked out. He’s been a decent starter, but not much more. At 25, though, he still has time to grow. 54 He had his best season in 2019, which will help his value. He is a decent pass rusher and good against the run, but he has never lived up to his draft hype as a first-round pick. 55 He is still just 24 years old, which is why he will have a market after starting 15 games last season for the Saints. He is a solid corner whose confidence seemed to grow last season with the Saints. 56 He makes a lot of tackles, and he can stay on the field for all downs, but he is far from elite at the position. Even so, expect him to get play from teams in need of an every-down linebacker. 57 He came in as a corner, but has made himself into a safety and is a much better player when playing there. He can also play the slot. 58 He did some good things in his one season with the Texans, but he also missed six games. He has started 25 games the past two seasons. 59 He was a big reason why the Tampa Bay defense was outstanding against the run last season. He might not get a mega-deal, but a team in need of help inside should give him a long look. 60 He might have helped his value late last season with time at safety, which shows his versatile style. Has excelled at slot corner at times as well. 61 He has 21 sacks the past two seasons, even though he missed six games last year with a back injury suffered in a car accident. He is 31, so age is becoming an issue. 62 At 31, he isn’t a kid anymore. But he can still be a quality cover corner for a team. Injuries, though, have been a concern. 63 He’s a wide-body who excels against the run. The problem is he gets too big at times. He needs to do a better job of keeping his weight in check. 64 He isn’t a kid anymore, but he showed with the 49ers after coming over in a trade that he can still be a reliable passing-game weapon. He just can’t offer the big play anymore. 65 So far, his career hasn’t worked out, and he was benched last season for Ryan Tannehill. But he’s still just 26 years old, which is why he could and should get another chance to start somewhere. 66 After an impressive 2018 season, he regressed last season, which is why the Colts let him go. But in a bad tight-end market, he will get play. 67 After being traded to the Cardinals from Miami during the 2019 season, he showed off his skills to be a starting runner for the Cardinals. He is a big-play runner. 68 He has started at both center and guard, which makes him a value signing. He is coming off his best season and it came as the Broncos starting center. 69 He’s a good slot corner who missed time at the end of the season with a dislocated kneecap. He’s young at 26 and teams are in need of good slot corners. 70 In a bad secondary, he played decently last season. He turns 30 in July, but he can still help a team in need of a veteran player in the middle of the field. 71 He is coming off his best season in the league, one in which he had 9.5 sacks, which should help his stock. He was a rotational player with the Bills who is ready for more. 72 He’s a box safety who can be a liability against the pass. But for teams that want a good run player who will hold his own near the line of scrimmage, Bell is that guy. 73 He has played both guard and center for the Lions, but rotated last year at guard. Hi versatility will make him attractive on the market and it’s unlikely he will be back with the Lions. 74 He was thrust into the starting lineup last year because of injuries and played solid football. Teams looking for a player inside will give him a chance to be a full-time starter at the age of 27. 75 He looks the part and he’s still young, but he doesn’t always play to the expectations, which is troubling. He has more trouble in pass protection than he should. 76 He started 15 games last season — missing one for suspension — and he is a nice inside player in their defense. At 27, he is the right age for a team looking for inside help. 77 He was a decent corner for the Chiefs last season, but he wasn’t their best. Even so, he’s been a solid starter for much of his career. 78 At 27, he’s started at both left and right tackle for the Eagles, which will help his market. He is big-bodied player who might just be better served on the right side. Expect a good market for him. 79 If the Falcons, a pass-rush needy team, aren’t bringing him back, that’s a red flag. But he is just 27 and he has 37.5 sacks in his five-year career. 80 He started just five games because of injury last season, but played well late in the season as he headed to free agency. He is a bigger safety who can play like a linebacker in some schemes. He’s also a great special-teams player. 81 He battled through injuries last year and he has a tendency to get heavy. Even so, he is a good, starting guard and he’s a big body inside. 82 Teams looking for a run-stuffing player will look to Brockers. He’s been a solid player on their front, but he isn’t a great pass rusher. 83 A long, athletic run-around linebacker, Campbell started 15 games last season and has 54 starts in his four-year career. He turns 27 in July. 84 After two injury-marred seasons, he had 10 sacks for the Giants last season, looking more like the guy who had 12.5 for the Cardinals in 2016. 85 He has started at both guard and tackle, which gives him some versatility value. He struggled more than expected last season for the Panthers. 86 He is a slot receiver who doesn’t always catch the ball the way teams would expect. He has had some moments where he’s looked like a value player, but consistency is an issues. 87 At 32, he’s up in the years but he can still help a pass-rush needy team. His role might be more situational as he gets older, but he has pass-rush tools. 88 He really came on in the second half of the season and into the playoffs as an edge rusher in 2019. That should help his value on the market. He turns 26 in April. 89 He’s a power player against the run, but he doesn’t offer much in terms of pass rush. He would be good for a team looking for a big run player. 90 He emerged last season as a good inside player who will get action on the market. He is young and improving. That matters. 91 If teams wants a wide-body, one-dimensional run player, Shelton is their guy. He was good in that role for the Patriots last season, but he offers little in terms of pass rush. 92 This veteran has lost some of his fastball, but he’s still a good player, and when he went down last season the Broncos run defense suffered. 93 He played some of his best football last season before suffering a foot injury. That injury could drive down his price, but he is a young player who packs a punch when he hits somebody. 94 He missed the first part of last season with injury, but came back to play well in the second half. He plays well in the slot, which is why there is value in him. He needs to stay healthy. 95 He misses too much time with injury, which is the biggest concern. He also isn’t a great fit for all schemes since he isn’t a natural man-cover player. 96 He’s not close to being what he used to be, but he can still help inside. His run defense has regressed, but he did have five sacks in 16 starts last season. 97 He was limited to one game last season because of a shoulder injury, but he has the tools to be a good starter. With Minkah Fitzpatrick coming over in a trade, Davis will not be back with the Steelers. 98 He signed a one-year deal with the Lions last year after being released by the Packers, and it didn’t work out for Detroit. He played just nine games because of injury and had just one sack. 99 He’s one of many Eagles corners who have been plagued by injuries the past few seasons. When on the field, he has a tendency to give up big plays. But if healthy, he will get a look as a starter somewhere. 100 He has some big-play ability, but consistency is an issue. He did average 14.0 yards per catch last season, which shows his big-play ability.

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