2021 Fantasy Baseball Shortstop Preview: Sleepers, Breakouts, Busts, top prospects, rankings and more

Shortstop is where you can find the stars in Fantasy baseball in 2021. Fernando Tatis, Trea Turner, and Trevor Story will go in the first round in many leagues, and they’ll be followed within the next two rounds by Francisco Lindor, Bo Bichette, Adalberto Mondesi, Corey Seager, and Xander Bogaerts. You might get three more in the top 100, meaning there are enough very good options to go around for everyone.

Of course, there’s a pretty good chance you might end up with more than one of those players on your squad, too. In a Roto league, it’s entirely possible to pick Turner, Story, and Seager with your first three picks, filling up SS, MI, and U in the process. In fact, that would be a great start if you’re not going with the early aces strategy. The position is that good. 

Shortstop is going to play a key role in how your season unfolds. We’re in a golden age, and it’s even possible to get significant upside if you wait — Dansby Swanson and Carlos Correa are going outside of the top 100 right now. However, it’s not a terribly deep position — after those two go off the board, the players with elite upside really thin out — and it’s possible to end choosing from some pretty underwhelming options. 

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Shortstop is a bit of a feast or famine position, in other words, and given how many elite players there are at the position, missing out could prove costly. 

2021 Draft Prep

Shortstop Base Preview

2021 Draft Prep

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2021 Draft Prep

Shortstop Sleeper, Breakout, & Bust

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Shortstop Top Prospects

Age (on opening day): 20
Where he played in 2019: low Class A, high Class A
2019 minors: .327 BA (425 AB), 9 HR, 27 2B, 18 SB, .885 OPS, 56 BB, 35 K  
One of the big teases of the abbreviated 2020 was whether Franco would get the call, but it’s a foregone conclusion for 2021. His ability to put bat to ball sets him apart from other young hitters, giving him an 80-grade hit tool and possible
Juan Soto outcome if the power develops as hoped.
Scott’s 2021 Fantasy impact: fighting this spring

2. C.J. Abrams, SS, Padres

Age (on opening day): 20
Where he played in 2019: Rookie, low Class A
2019 minors: .393 BA (150 AB), 3 HR, 15 SB, 1.083 OPS, 11 BB, 14 K 
The first of four consecutive shortstops is perhaps the most foolproof, showcasing 80-grade speed and a hit tool to match. He’s young enough that we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of some power development, especially given how prevalent it is in today’s game, but it’s worth noting Abrams could wind up in center field.
Scott’s 2021 Fantasy impact: don’t count on it

3. Austin Martin, SS, Blue Jays

Age (on opening day): 22
Where he played in 2019: not under contract 
The No. 5 pick in the 2020 draft was probably the No. 2 talent after Spencer Torkelson, standing out most especially for his hit tool and on-base ability. He’s a shortstop for now but will more likely wind up at third base (or even the outfield), where he projects to be an Anthony Rendon-type contributor.
Scott’s 2021 Fantasy impact: don’t count on it

Age (on opening day): 19
Where he played in 2019: Rookie, short-season Class A
2019 minors: .302 BA (179 AB), 10 HR, 13 2B, .981 OPS, 32 BB, 45 K  
Luciano is beginning to garner the same sort of hype Julio Rodriguez did as a teenager, with MLB.com going so far as to peg him for a .300 average and 40 homers “on an annual basis.” In a field defined by its tepid takes, that’s really saying something, but he of course has several levels still to climb.
Scott’s 2021 Fantasy impact: don’t count on it

Age (on opening day): 20
Where he played in 2019: Rookie
2019 minors: .262 BA (164 AB), 1 HR, 9 SB, .670 OPS, 13 BB, 35 K 
The No. 2 pick in the 2019 draft has face-of-the-franchise potential with a chance for a Trevor Story-like five category-outcome. He’s also rated as a good enough defender to stick at shortstop, but like Luciano, he’s still in the fledgling stages of his minor-league career.
Scott’s 2021 Fantasy impact: don’t count on it

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