Monday, February 6, 2023

Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo gives an incredible in-depth breakdown of how he discovered Oreos and milk

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Bucks jumped out to a 14-0 lead over the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday night and never trailed as they cruised to a 114-93 win that closed out a perfect 5-0 homestand. Giannis Antetokounmpo led the way, as always, finishing with 33 points, seven rebounds, five assists, two blocks and two steals. 

On any other night, an incredible performance like that would have taken center stage. But not on Wednesday, not after the show Giannis put on during his postgame media conference. Instead of talking about his dunks over the Pistons, Giannis had a different kind of dunking on his mind. 

First, to set the stage. On Tuesday night, Giannis took to Twitter to inform everyone that he had just learned about putting Oreos in milk, and was mad his girlfriend had never told him about the treat before. How could that be? Well, let’s just let Giannis explain. As he closed his media availability, he gave an in-depth breakdown, speaking for over two minutes straight. 

If you want to watch him speak you can do so here. Otherwise, here it is in full:

Wait, let’s talk about that a little bit. It’s definitely — how do you guys say it? — a bedtime snack. 

So I had this commercial, this video shoot I did yesterday and there were three kids there and we were doing a shoot about some cookies. We had some Oreos over there and this kid asked me, ‘have you ever ate Oreos before?’ 

Like, yeah. When I came to the league that was the first thing that I ate because when I was younger I was always craving them but could never afford them. So I was like, I’m gonna get a little bit of money. People spend money on cars and chains, I’m gonna buy Oreos. So I ate them for like a month straight. No dinner, no lunch, no nothing. So I got sick of them, right? But I’ve had them.

So he was like, ‘have you ever dunked them in milk?’ I was like, ‘no.’ He was like, ‘you should try that!’ So I was like, ‘OK, cool.’ 

So we did the commercial, I took the Oreos and I threw them in the milk. He was like, ‘no, just dunk it!’ 

I was like, ‘don’t worry about it, give me a spoon.’ I grab a spoon, I took the first one, I was like, ‘what the hell? No frickin’ way.’ He was like, ‘you like them?’ I was like, ‘bro, this is amazing.’ Obviously I didn’t have one, I had like twelve of them. 

Then I went back home and was like ‘Mariah, why did you not tell me that you can throw the Oreos in milk and eat them?’ She told me she doesn’t like her Oreos like that, she likes them plain with no milk and all that. And I realized that from now on, every night snack for me. It’s amazing. 

I went to the practice facility the other day, and we were talking about it and the guys were like, ‘you’ve never tried that?’ I’m like ‘guys, you have to realize, I’m not American.’ Things that you guys feel like is normal, like an everyday thing, we have other everyday things. You guys have peanut butter and jelly, we have butter and jelly. Two totally different worlds. 

Yeah, that was my experience man. I really enjoyed it. So from now on, it’s gonna be Oreos and milk for me every night. I might get fat. 

Just unbelievable stuff. Even if that was some sort of promo for an upcoming sponsorship with Oreos, it was still awesome. The man is truly an entertainer. And, what’s more, that’s somehow not even the best food-related Giannis moment. That, of course, would be his iconic 2014 tweet about trying a smoothie for the first time:

“I just taste for the first time a smoothie..MAN GOD BLESS AMERICA.”

Smoothies, Oreos, being one of the best basketball players in the world. What more could you ask for? 

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