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Fantasy Football Week 14 quarterback rankings: Can you trust Justin Herbert?

Fantasy Football Week 14 quarterback rankings: Can you trust Justin Herbert?

The Ravens quarterback is only one of the struggling stars at QB.


Maybe you want to sit Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes, given their struggles of late. If you happen to have Tom Brady or Josh Allen on your team alongside Jackson, go for it; if you have Justin HerbertKyler Murray or Dak Prescott, you can do it with Mahomes, too. But, you probably don’t have those kinds of must-start superstars available. And for as frustrating as Jackson and Mahomes have been, I’m just not sitting them for the likes of Taysom Hill or Derek Carr. I just can’t bring myself to do it.   

Here are my QB rankings for Week 14. To see the rankings from Jamey Eisenberg, Dave Richard, and Heath Cummings, make sure you head here.  

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Week 14 QB Rankings

  1. Josh Allen @TB — Week 13’s game against the Patriots was played in such extreme wind conditions that Mac Jones only had three pass attempts in the entire game. It feels right to just ignore those results, so don’t even worry about Allen’s tough game. This should be a shootout with the Buccaneers, and I’m expecting big numbers from Allen.  
  2. Tom Brady vs. BUF
  3. Lamar Jackson @CLE — It’s been a real struggle of late for Jackson, who has eight touchdowns to 10 interceptions over his past six games — including just one game with multiple passing touchdowns. Of course, he’s still averaging 70 rushing yards per game, and the fact that he doesn’t have a rushing touchdown on 75 attempts in that span seems pretty fluky — he’s averaged one every 29 carries in his career. As frustrated as you might be, you shouldn’t be sitting Jackson unless you have a no-doubt elite option. 
  4. Kyler Murray vs. LAR — Seeing Murray rush 10 times in his first game back from his ankle injury was a great sign, and he had a season-high 59 yards in Week 13. That makes it a lot easier to see him remaining an elite Fantasy QB moving forward.  
  5. Dak Prescott @WAS
  6. Aaron Rodgers vs. CHI — Rodgers owns the Bears, remember? He had three touchdowns against them in Week 6 and should have another strong game — he has multiple touchdowns in all but two games this season.  
  7. Patrick Mahomes vs. LV — If you wanted to bench Mahomes, I can’t blame you. He has more than one touchdown in just one of his past six games while averaging 6.4 yards per attempt in that span. But here’s the problem: Who are you going to sit him for? Taylor Heinicke? Cam Newton? Taysom Hill? Mahomes has been bad, but so has the entire QB position, basically.  
  8. Justin Herbert vs. NYG — Herbert has 300-plus yards and at least two touchdowns in three straight games, and the Giants don’t figure to pose much of a threat to slow him down. The biggest concern is that Keenan Allen, his No. 1 WR, is in doubt due to a positive COVID test, while Mike Williams is on the COVID list following a close contact. Both could still play, but there’s enough risk here to downgrade him. 
  9. Matthew Stafford @ARI — It was nice to see a bounceback game from Stafford in an easy matchup in Week 13, but this week figures to be a much tougher test. He had 23.3 points the last time he faced the Cardinals, however, so it would be hard to get away from Stafford, especially given the lack of other options at the position these days. 
  10. Taysom Hill @NYJ — Hill will be playing through a finger injury on his throwing hand if he does play, and given how he looked in his first start (four interceptions), that’s not a great sign. However, as we saw in that first start, his rushing production makes him a viable starting option anyway. He just has to simply avoid being an outright disaster to be a top-12 QB, really. Against the Jets, it would be hard for him not to be. 
  11. Russell Wilson @HOU — Wilson hasn’t been great, but he’s been good enough over the past two weeks to justify starting given the overall struggles of the QB position of late. My hope is, at some point the light will switch on and he’ll look more or less himself — it’s a bet on track record and talent. The Week 14 matchup doesn’t hurt either.  
  12. Cam Newton vs. ATL — Week 12 went about as poorly as it possibly could for Newton, but he’ll remain the Panthers starting quarterback for the matchup against the Falcons. And that’ll make him a viable streaming option in my eyes. Partially, that’s because his rushing abilities will almost always make him a viable streaming option, but also partially because the quarterback position is just in really rough shape right now. 
  13. Joe Burrow vs. SF — Regression has hit Burrow hard over the past four weeks, and now he’s playing through a dislocated pinky. Hopefully that won’t limit him too much, but we know this is a Bengals team that is happy to lean on the run when it has the opportunity. It is worth noting that he was the victim of some pretty rotten luck last week — Ja’Marr Chase bobbled a would-be long touchdown and turned it into one of Burrow’s two interceptions.  
  14. Taylor Heinicke vs. DAL
  15. Teddy Bridgewater vs. DET
  16. Kirk Cousins vs. PIT — Cousins has multiple touchdowns in five straight games, but he will be playing this week without Adam Thielen, his most reliable red-zone target, in all likelihood. That’s a reason to downgrade Cousins a bit, but not enough to scare me off him entirely, especially with the way Justin Jefferson is playing right now.  
  17. Ryan Tannehill vs. JAX — Tannehill has just one passing touchdown in each of his past four games, and given the Titans‘ lack of receiving weapons, there’s no reason to expect things to be much better. At least not until Julio Jones and A.J. Brown are back. Jones could be back this week, so that would help, as could the matchup. That being said, I’m not sure I’m ready to trust him — it’s not like Jones has been a difference maker this season yet, mostly thanks to injuries. 
  18. Ben Roethlisberger @MIN
  19. Derek Carr @KC — If Darren Waller doesn’t return this week, it’s going to be awfully tough to trust Carr, who just seems to be struggling for lack of weapons of late. Carr has just five touchdowns in five games since Henry Ruggs was released, and Waller’s absence just leaves the Raiders too thin on playmakers in the passing game for me to trust him as anything more than a lower-end starter. 
  20. Matt Ryan @CAR
  21. Zach Wilson vs. NO
  22. Baker Mayfield vs. BAL
  23. Jimmy Garoppolo @CIN
  24. Trevor Lawrence @TEN — There really haven’t been any signs of growth from Lawrence, who actually has just one touchdown and is averaging 5.20 yards per attempt over his past five games. I’m not giving up on Lawrence long term, but I’ve lost whatever optimism I might have had at this point. 

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