Saturday, January 22, 2022

WATCH: Erratic Mexican League umpire flips off fans as police escort him out of game over his behavior


During a Mexican Pacific League game on Sunday, umpire Huberto Sainz was confronted by his own crew and eventually removed from the stadium by police for unruly behavior. The league has indefinitely suspended the umpire as a result of his actions.

In a video that appears to be taken by a fan in the stands, Sainz is seen being approached by other crew members around first base. This came after he continuously used his middle finger to gesture towards people in the stands.  

In the clip, Sainz is eventually escorted off the field by crew members. Here is a look at what went down:

And here’s a look at Sainz’s gestures towards fans.

After being removed, Sainz posted an apology for his behavior online. Here’s what he said:

“Dear fans, managers, umpires, journalists of the Mexican Pacific League, and of course my wife and children: I am sorry and ashamed of what happened. I am clear that I must respect the fans since I should not have made gestures to players, let alone the fans. Not only did I commit an unworthy act, but this was undeservedly extended to my colleagues in the profession and to the Mexican Pacific League that always gave me confidence. I was not a worthy steward in this situation.”

The Mexican Pacific League also released a statement about the event, which they “strongly condemn.”

“In the ARCO Mexican Pacific League we always seek to exalt our values as an institution, for which we strongly condemn the events that occurred on the night of this Sunday, Dec. 19 at the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium in Mazatlán. Due to this, it has been decided to indefinitely separate the umpire who starred in this unfortunate event from his position, reinforcing measures so that situations like this do not recur on and off the field of play with our officials.


We regret this situation and offer an apology to the institutions that make up our organization, the media and our great fans.”

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