Thursday, July 18, 2024

Mac Jones gifts Patriots offensive linemen Bitcoin for the holidays


Quarterbacks have a long tradition of giving their offensive linemen holiday gifts as a way to show appreciation for blocking defenses all year. New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones wanted to thank his offensive line for protecting him all season and he did so in a lucrative way: gifting them Bitcoin. 

Jones discussed the gifts with, saying that when the holidays rolled around he reached out to Bitcoin Magazine to ask how to gift the currency to other people.

“I’ve been studying Bitcoin for a while now,” the QB told the Patriots team website. “This year, I just knew I had to give some Bitcoin to my teammates, so I reached out to Bitcoin Magazine and asked for help on how to give Bitcoin as a gift.”

Jones also gave his offensive linemen subscriptions to Bitcoin Magazine.

Offensive lineman Ted Karras mentioned the gift during his Friday press conference, referring to his quarterback as “Santa Mac.”

“Santa Mac did an outstanding job. We got a big haul over here. I’ll let him explain everything that he got, but it was a myriad of items, each one cooler than the next. One of the best efforts, especially by a rookie, to show appreciation,” Karras said.

Jones has been sacked 26 times so far this season, which is sixth to last in the league.

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