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Tom Brady reacts to extremely awkward moment at Bill Belichick’s postgame press conference

During his 20-year career in New England, Tom Brady lost more than 60 regular season games with the Patriots and he’d probably be the first one to tell you that Bill Belichick isn’t such a pleasant person to talk to after a loss. 

When the Patriots lose, Belichick’s postgame press conferences can sometimes get awkward and that definitely happened on Sunday when someone decided to ask him a question that had nothing to do with football.   

Following New England’s 33-21 loss to the Bills, a reporter decided to ask Belichick if he had any New Year’s resolutions “he wanted to share” and as you can imagine, things got extremely awkward. 

“Yeah, no, not right now,” Belichick said, before very dryly adding, “Maybe next week.”

Tom Brady saw a clip of Belichick’s postgame press conference so of course he decided to share his thoughts on the situation during Monday’s episode of his “Let’s Go” podcast with Jim Gray and Larry Fitzgerald

First, Brady commended the woman for fearlessly asking the question after a Patriots loss. 

“That was awesome. Good for her,” Brady said, via WEEI. “I want to be as brave and courageous as she was, asking that question to Coach Belichick after a loss. That’s what I want for the New Year.”

After that, Brady pointed out something that most reporters probably already know about Belichick and that’s the fact that his postgame press conference probably isn’t the best time ask him a non-football question. 

“I could’ve predicted that answer,” Brady said. “It’s usually not the best time to ask a coach about things like that after a loss.”

Although Belichick wasn’t ready to commit to a New Year’s resolution, Brady did claim to have one ready to go. 

“I think I’ll do what most people do. I think I’m gonna splurge for a local gym membership,” Brady said. “At 44, I have to stay in shape.”

Of course, there is a zero percent chance that Brady will be joining a local gym unless that local gym is the one that has his name on it, and in that case, I doubt he has to pay any money for a membership.

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