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2021 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: Top 50 keeper rankings based on 2020 Average Draft Position

2021 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: Top 50 keeper rankings based on 2020 Average Draft Position

If you have to factor “value” into your keeper decisions, this list is for you.


So you want to know who you should keep, do you?

It’s the most asked question this time of year even though the answer is as simple as can be: your best players.

I’m not trying to be cute. It’s one thing if it’s a dynasty league where rosters remain mostly intact from one year to the next, but if it’s just four or five players you’re keeping, all on equal terms, no need to overthink it. Just look at regular re-draft rankings and keep the best players you have.

Where it changes is if your four or five keepers aren’t on equal terms, if they’re tied to a draft pick or some salary cap amount that corresponds to what you paid for them — if “value” has to enter into your keeper assessment, in other words. The decision, then, gets considerably more complicated.

Even in that case, I can’t create one-size-fits-all keeper rankings because the terms would still vary from league to league. Maybe the “markup” in your league is three rounds, meaning a player you drafted in the seventh round last year can be kept in the fourth round this year. But maybe it’s only one round. Or maybe it’s none. It makes a difference whether you’d be keeping Luis Castillo in the first round or the fourth.

But so as not to make perfect the enemy of good, I present to you my top 50 keepers regardless. I’m factoring in the hypothetical cost of the keeper, using 2020 ADP as a starting point and basing the round number on a 12-team league.

Want to dive even deeper into keepers? FBT has you covered!

Worthy of note: I’ve generally come around to the idea that a player’s potential for impact is of greater significance the extent of his discount, which is to say that keeping a first-rounder with a first-round pick is generally preferable to keeping a seventh-rounder with a 20th-round pick. You can’t afford to give up your most impactful players, particularly when you don’t know if others in your league are doing the same.

Also, don’t sweat it if your most prized keeper doesn’t appear on this list. There’s a keeper case to be made for more than just 50 players.

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