Friday, May 27, 2022

Devin Booker trolled by Spurs mascot’s ‘Cone of Silence’ following incident with The Raptor


NBA mascots are taking note of Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker’s‘s actions. This time it was San Antonio Spurs‘ mascot The Coyote who got the attention of Booker.

Earlier in January, Booker had some beef with the Toronto Raptors mascot. While taking a free throw, Booker appeared distracted by The Raptor and asked the officiating crew to move the mascot to the corner of the court. The whole thing ended with a hilarious friendship between the two unlikely pals.

Other mascots noticed and have decided to poke some fun at Booker when they get the chance. On Monday night during Suns vs. Spurs, The Coyote wore a “Cone of Silence” hood over his head. The mascot also held up signs that read “Shhh” and “Quiet.”

The joke was not missed by Booker, who laughed it off at the line. The troll job did not disrupt Booker too much, as he went 7-for-8 from the free throw line. 

The Pacers have also gotten in on the fun. Last Friday, the team had someone in a blow-up dinosaur costume behind the basket trying to imitate The Raptor. 

Booker has taken all of this in stride. After the original controversy with The Raptor, he ended up buddies with the mascot. He declared on Twitter that they’re “homies now,” and even changed his Twitter profile picture to a photo of the mascot.

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