Saturday, May 28, 2022

WATCH: Doug McDermott tries to sneak on court mid-possession after Spurs start quarter with four players


On Wednesday against the Memphis Grizzlies, San Antonio Spurs sharpshooter Doug McDermott stood up from his seat on the bench, removed his shooting shirt, removed his face mask and stepped onto the court. It’s possible that no one would have noticed he’d done this in the middle of a possession if Grizzlies big man Brandon Clarke hadn’t been gesticulating to the referees about it.

Look at McDermott spot up in the corner as if he hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary:

Sneaky, sneaky stuff. My favorite part is Gregg Popovich joking with Clarke about it, and my second favorite is that the announcers initially had absolutely no idea why the technical foul was called. (They figured it out, but only after Desmond Bane hit the ensuing free throw in what turned out to be a 118-110 Grizzlies win.)

Honestly, can’t blame the announcers. The refs didn’t catch it immediately, either.

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