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Tom Brady retires: The GOAT’s final TD pass of career was thrown into crowd by Mike Evans, ball still at large

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Tom Brady’s final touchdown pass was the 710th of his career, a 55-yard strike to Mike Evans that was one of the best throws of his historic 2021 season. Brady’s touchdown will go down in NFL history is the final one of his historic career — and it’s a ball he’ll have to retrieve if he wishes to put it in his personal trophy case.

When Evans caught the football for the touchdown, he threw it into the crowd at Raymond James Stadium. If Brady wants that football, he and the Buccaneers may have to pay a king’s ransom to get it back. 

This isn’t the first time Evans tossed a historic Tom Brady football this season. When Brady threw his 600th touchdown pass in October, Evans tossed it into the crowd. Buccaneers fan Byron Kennedy gave the ball back in exchange for at least another game ball as well as a signed jersey. He also received two signed jerseys and a helmet from Brady, a signed Evans jersey and his game cleats, a $1,000 credit at the Buccaneers’ team store, and two season passes for the remainder of this season as well as next season.

Kennedy was willing to trade the football. Whoever has the football from Brady’s final touchdown pass is expected to receive a lot more, based off the historical significance of the item. If Brady’s 600th touchdown pass was estimated to be worth upwards of $500,000, how much will this ball go for?

Keep in mind Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey was the player Evans beat to secure the touchdown pass — a picture-perfect throw from Brady. 

Brady is the only player ever to throw 700 touchdown passes and has the most championships in NFL history with seven. The value of that ball may be worth a price unlike any we’ve seen before. 

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