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Team USA Olympic athletes show off the swag they will wear during the 2022 Beijing Winter Games

Olympic athletes unbox all the gear they have for the 2022 Winter Olympics


The Olympics is about athleticism, underdog stories, comebacks, pride for your country … but there is also a little bit of fashion mixed in. Fans always note what Olympians are wearing during the opening and closing ceremonies and throughout the event. 

While it’s only a few days into the Games, athletes have already given us a look at their Beijing Olympics swag on social media. American snowboarding star Shaun White gave us a peak on TikTok, showing off the Polo Ralph Lauren attire he wore for the Opening Ceremonies.

White received so much gear that his clothing items stretched all the way across his entire floor, including jackets, pants, sweatpants, hats and more. Olympic athletes get it all so they can show off their country pride while competing and spending time in the Olympic Village.

White also showed viewers the outfit American athletes wear if they win a medal and have to take the podium, which is quite possible for the 35 year old who says this may be his last ever Olympics.

Shaun White showed off his Team USA gear on TikTok:

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