Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Bengals star made a wild Super Bowl prediction after Week 15 and it actually came true


Going into the 2021 NFL season, no one was really expecting the Cincinnati Bengals to be any good. Forget the Super Bowl, no one was even really giving them a chance to win the division. 

Even after the Bengals got off to a hot start, most people still weren’t buying in. As a matter of fact, after Week 15 was played, the Bengals’ odds of winning the Super Bowl were listed at 40-to-1 even though they were tied for first place in the AFC North at 8-6. 

Even though the oddsmakers didn’t like the Bengals’ chances of getting to the NFL‘s biggest game, one player in Cincinnati has been planning on playing in the Super Bowl since AT LEAST DECEMBER. After the Pro Bowl roster was announced on Dec. 22, Bengals running back Joe Mixon announced that he probably wouldn’t be able to play in the game because “the Bengals will be playing in the Super Bowl.”

Talk about calling your shot. Mixon said the Bengals would be playing in the Super Bowl and now, they’re playing in the Super Bowl. 

Now, you could easily argue that Mixon’s tweet isn’t that impressive because he was just showing some optimism for his team, but if that’s the case, then you would see other players do this all the time. There were 88 players on the Pro Bowl roster and Mixon is the only who tweeted that he wouldn’t be able to play in the game due to the fact that he’ll be in the Super Bowl. When you tweet something out like that, you’re going to get mocked on Twitter, but that doesn’t matter, because Mixon is now getting the last laugh. 

The most impressive part of Mixon’s tweet is that when he sent it out, the Bengals only had the fourth-best record in the AFC, so there was no reason to think they might end the season in the Super Bowl. Basically, no one saw this Super Bowl run coming, except for Mixon, who had the confidence to put his tweet out there a full four weeks before the playoffs even started. 

Mixon finished the season as the NFL’s third-leading rusher with 1,205 yards and he’s a big reason why the Bengals will be playing on Super Bowl Sunday. 

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