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Bengals tight end has a crazy Super Bowl celebration planned if Cincinnati wins and it involves chili

If the Cincinnati Bengals win the Super Bowl, the chili bath could become the new Gatorade bath thanks to C.J. Uzomah

In the event of a Bengals win on Sunday, the tight end is planning what might go down as the craziest victory celebration in NFL history: If his team takes home the Lombardi Trophy, Uzomah is going to celebrate by taking a bath in Skyline chili. 

Using the iconic Cincinnati food staple — which is sometimes mocked by those around the country who don’t understand what a truly delicious delicacy it is — to celebrate a Super Bowl win would make a lot of sense for someone from Cincinnati. 

The idea of taking a bath in chili came up during Uzomah’s interview with the media on Thursday. 

“I’m wearing swim trunks,” Uzomah said. “You put it in a swimming pool and I’ll dive in there and I’ll eat my way out.” 

Although it will probably take several gallons of chili to fill an entire bath tub or even a pool, it doesn’t sound like getting a hold of that amount of chili will be an issue and that’s because Skyline seems to be completely on board with the idea. 

During a recent episode of the Pick Six Podcast, I actually suggested that everyone in Cincinnati should bathe in chili and now that Uzomah’s going to do it, this plan is one step closer to reality. 

Of course, the win will probably mean more to Uzomah if he plays in the game. Uzomah is dealing with a sprained MCL and hasn’t been able to practice since he suffered the injury in Cincinnati’s AFC title win over Kansas City. However, he said earlier this week that he doesn’t plan on missing the “biggest game of his life” and he reiterated that on Thursday. 

“I feel good, as good as I can given the circumstance,” Uzomah told reporters Thursday, via Cincy Jungle. “Again, in my head, I’m not missing the biggest game of my life. We’ll see how it feels today when I go out there, but we’re having really big strides in the right direction. I’m looking forward to getting out there with the squad today.” 

Uzomah has come up big in the playoffs with 13 catches for 135 yards and a touchdown in three games. If he’s out on the field, that will give the Bengals a better chance of winning, which will give him a better chance of ending his season in bathing in a vat of Skyline chili. 

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