Monday, October 2, 2023

2022 NFL Mock Draft: Falcons take QB of the future at No. 8, Patriots add big WR, Jets pass on OL help

It’s combine week, so everything you’re about to read will change

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The NFL combine is this week, which means the four-plus months of the college football season will soon be rendered moot because of how more than 300 players, decked out in shorts and T-shirts, work out against air inside Lucas Oil Stadium.

That’s an exaggeration, of course, but it is true that teams will be swayed by 40 times and 3-cone drills and bench presses more than perhaps they should because, well, sometimes it’s hard not to be. Humans were not meant to do the things we’re about to witness in Indy.

Put another way: Don’t be surprised if we see some changes in next week’s mock draft solely as an overreaction to what unfolds in the coming days.

For now, however, let’s get to it: This week, we have Malik Willis as the first quarterback off the board. Matt Corral remains our QB1, but the reality is that Willis is the highest-upside QB in what feels like a pretty average class. And if there is, say, a 25 percent chance he approaches Josh Allen-level productivity then you absolutely have to take him, even in the top 10. Because without a franchise QB, even if the other 21 positions are Pro Bowlers, your team is perpetually flirting with .500 football.

OK, let’s get to it. Keep reading to see where Willis lands, where the other QBs go in Round 1, as well as how the other 28 picks play out.

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