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2022 NFL Mock Draft: Desperate Panthers panic on QB at No. 6, Eagles clean up in first round

The 2022 NFL Draft is wide open; here is Will Brinson’s first NFL mock draft of the season

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Pretty sure I’ve been doing mock drafts for over a decade now and this is easily the most fungible/homogenous draft class I’ve ever seen. There are a couple of points where it’s clear what is happening, but this is a lot like 2013. Anything can happen after No. 1 — and, frankly, I don’t think the Jags are locked at this point. We’ll see. 

The pass rushers, the offensive and defensive linemen and the defensive backs are stout. The quarterbacks? Not so much! 

We’ve got a month until the draft happens and things are going to be exceptionally fluid as it relates to where these guys are picked. Muddling things up even more is the abundance of a) teams who don’t have a first-round pick and b) teams who have multiple first-round picks. 

When you’re double dipping early in the first round, your strategy changes. Especially when there’s a QB Thirst Trap sitting at No. 6.  Let’s take our first stab at what might happen in the first round.

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