Wednesday, May 25, 2022

WATCH: Underwear-clad fan runs on court, dances, gets viciously tackled by security during Kings-Rockets game

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In recent months, the NBA has seen a rash of inappropriate fan behavior. Most of it has involved disrespecting players by either words or actions, leading prominent figures like Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook to appeal to fans’ humanity. Occasionally, however, members of the audience choose to do something a little less offensive, but just as idiotic.

During the Houston Rockets‘ 122-117 home loss to the Sacramento Kings on Friday night, a fan ran onto the court wearing what appeared to be American flag-themed underwear or a Speedo-type bathing suit. He stopped at halfcourt to commence what can best be described as his own interpretive dance until security quickly descended, and viciously tackled the offender to the Toyota Center floor.

Have a look for yourself, if you’re feeling brave.

You might disagree with giving attention to such buffoonery, but at least it can show anyone considering a similar move the consequences that come along with it. It’s never a good idea. It’s not funny. People only watch to see how hard you get taken down before being sent to jail.

Luckily the incident was quickly contained, but unfortunately, the Rockets couldn’t pull out the win for the rest of the fans who elected to abide by the rules and stay off the court. Houston rookie Jalen Green continued his impressive stretch with 33 points on 6-for-14 3-point shooting (his third consecutive game with at least 30 points), while Kevin Porter Jr. put up 27 points and 11 assists. Veteran Harrison Barnes led the Kings with 25 points in the win.

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