Thursday, May 26, 2022

WATCH: Phillie Phanatic flies into Citizens Bank Park via parachute before home opener

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The Phillie Phanatic has long been one of sports’ most famed mascots. Its high-flying entrance before the Philadelphia Phillies’ 2022 season opener only bolstered that reputation. 

Just before the Phillies started play against the Oakland Athletics on Friday afternoon, the Phillie Phanatic swooped into Citizens Bank Park via parachute. In true Philadelphia fashion, the song “Eye of the Tiger” from “Rocky IV” played throughout the stadium.

Here is the incredible video, which features the Phillie Phanatic face-planting before jubilantly raising its arms into the air like Rocky Balboa himself. 

Phillie Phanatic had reason for a grand entrance because, for the first time since 2019, doubts surrounding its future in Philadelphia are gone. The mascot’s creators sued the Phillies in August 2019, and if successful the lawsuit would’ve prevented the Phillies from trotting the Phanatic out starting June 2020.

To avoid copyright infringement claims, the Phillies made the following adjustments to Phillie Phanatic’s look. 

But the Phillies settled with the mascot’s creators last October, allowing his continued use by the team and erasing the concerns of Phillie Phanatic fans.  

Philadelphia is opening its season with a three-game series against the Athletics, so perhaps Phillie Phanatic will unleash another show-stopping entrance before the weekend concludes. 

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