Thursday, June 30, 2022

Will Tom Brady the broadcaster want to flip off and swear at himself? How he’s said he deals with NFL media

Future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady has spent most of his NFL career winning games. He has more Super Bowl wins than any franchise and holds countless records. Soon, whenever he actually retires, he will be headed to the broadcast booth as an NFL commentator, which could change his perspective on how the media covers the game. 

Though he is regarded at the GOAT, he still has received criticism for his game over the years. Even the best players suffer losses and have poor performances, and eventually he will be the one giving his opinions and criticisms on teams and players.

Last month, Brady revealed how he deals with negativity from the media, and he did not hold back while talking about his reaction.

“I just look at the TV and go like this,” he said, flipping off camera, adding, “F– you guys. F– you, TV,” with a smirk.

I have a feeling once he gets in the broadcast booth there will be less of that, unless he takes after former New England Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who famously flipped off the camera during a game.

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Brady continued his explanation of the current way he deals with the media, saying, “You block out the noise, because none of it matters.” Reminds me of sentiments from a former coach of his, Bill Belichick. 

The 44-year-old explained that the team may not be perfect, but that is not the expectation.

“What we do is get back to what we did all year. Still not perfect, but football is not a game of perfect and we always expect to be at our best,” he said, “[If] we had a tough loss, you ignore what they think and just move on, man.”

TB12 announced he was leaving football during the offseason, but just 40 days later he changed his mind and decided to return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

How long he will be dealing with media opinions before he becomes a media member is still unknown, and with Brady you can never count out more years on the field.

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