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Ranking the top 25 Power Five college football coaches entering the 2022 season

The college football experts have ranked every Power Five coach from 1-65 as this upcoming season approaches

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When we ranked Power Five college football coaches last year, there wasn’t much change in the top 25. Whether it was nobody crashing and burning or soaring higher than ever — or none of our voters wanting to take anything that happened during a pandemic season too seriously — things remained largely the same. There were only two new entries in our top 25 at this point 12 months ago.

There are a lot more changes this year.

Three of the coaches in last season’s the top 25 lost their jobs following the 2021 season, including a top-10 coach in Dan Mullen and another who won a national title in 2019, Ed Orgeron. That kind of turnover played a role in the shakeups all over our list of 65 coaches, and this year we have six coaches cracking the top 25 for the first time. Of those six, three were ranked 50th or lower last year.

How did they climb so high, so quickly? Well, volatility will always play a role in the process because our group of voters, consisting of writers from both CBS Sports and 247Sports, aren’t given a set of guidelines to follow. We just rank coaches from 1-65 using any criteria we choose to follow, and then we see the results. Some value accomplishments on the field above all else, while others may give greater weight to recruiting prowess or the possibility of future success. In the end, nearly everybody is angry. It’s a perfect process!

If you haven’t yet checked out our ranking of Power Five coaches outside the top 25, you can catch up here.

Power Five Coaches Top 25

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