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Marshawn Lynch reveals how he reacted to infamous Super Bowl goal-line play and it involved a lot of alcohol

Marshawn Lynch made a lot of big plays during his NFL career, but ironically enough, one of the plays that he’ll likely most be remembered for is a play where he didn’t even get the ball. 

That play came on the Seahawks‘ final offensive possession of Super Bowl XLIX and just in case you need a quick refresher of what happened, here’s a brief synopsis: Marshawn didn’t get the ball. 

With less than 30 seconds left to play in the game, Seattle was trailing New England 28-24, but the Seahawks seemed to be in good shape because they had a second-and-goal at the Patriots‘ 1-yard line. Nearly everyone in the stadium thought the Seahawks would give the ball to Beast Mode on their next play, but instead, this happened. 

That’s Russell Wilson being picked off by Malcolm Butler

After the game, Lynch mostly avoided the media, so it’s not very clear how he felt about the call. During a recent interview on the “Cold as Balls” show with Kevin Hart, Lynch actually revealed how he felt in the aftermath of the loss and it sounds like he was going through the seven stages of grief. 

Instead of being angry about the call, Lynch said he was confused and laughing as he walked off the field. 

“The play called … you know, the pick, damn,” Lynch said. “I come off the sideline and in my mind, I’m confused, and I’m walking by Pete, I’m just laughing at him like, ‘Bro, what the …'”

Lynch did not finish his sentence there, but I think we can all imagine what he was going to say. 

After walking off the field, Beast Mode noted that he saw Lenny Kravitz near the Seahawks locker room — Kravitz had been part of the halftime show — and both of them were stunned at how the game ended. 

“I’m walking through, I see Lenny Kravitz,” Lynch said. “I’m like, ‘Oh shit, man, what’s happening?’ He’s like, ‘Oh, hold on. What?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, bro. It’s like that. Hey man, it’s a pleasure to meet you.'”

After briefly talking to Kravitz, Lynch made his way to the locker room where he started the process of drowning his sorrows in alcohol. 

“I go to the locker room. I go in there, shower up and grab my bottle of Hennessy,” Lynch said. 

After meeting up with his family, there was even more Hennessy involved. 

“So they had this little resort for us,” Lynch said. “I’m talking about, we blew that motherf—er down, I’m talking about the whole resort. Hennessy did some shit for me. They probably gave me, I think it was 76 cases of Hennessy, and I think it was probably like 12 bottles in each case.”

If you don’t feel like doing math right now, if Lynch had 76 cases that each had 12 bottles, that means he’s estimating that he was sent 912 bottles of the cognac. 

So how many bottles did he take down with his family? 

“Realistically, probably like 15,” Lynch said. 

So there you have it. Lynch was shocked and confused by the Seahawks baffling call at the goal line and he attempted to drown out his feelings by drinking as much Hennessy as possible after the game. 

If you want to see Lynch’s entire interview with Hart, you can do that by clicking here

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