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Tom Brady reveals the most brutal hit he’s ever taken during his 22 years in the NFL

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Tom Brady has been playing in the NFL for 22 seasons and in that time, he’s taken a bunch of brutal hits, but only one of those hits ranks as the worst one he’s ever taken and we now know which one that is because Brady revealed the answer this week. 

During a roundtable discussion hosted by J.J. Watt at “The Match,” Brady was asked if he remembered the most vicious hit he’s ever taken and who delivered it. Not only did Brady remember the hit, but he recalled nearly every single detail even though it happened more than 20 years ago. 

“Nate Clements,” Brady said when asked who delivered the hit. “I was running, I was like one-yard behind the line of scrimmage, I slid late. My helmet went about 10 yards back.”

After you see the hit, you’ll probably understand why Brady thinks it was the most brutal hit of his career. 

The hit took place during Brady’s first year as the Patriots‘ starting quarterback back in 2001. The Patriots were playing a December game in Buffalo, which means the temperatures were frigid. The hit took place in the third quarter with the Patriots leading 6-3, and now, I’m gong to stop stalling so we can watch the hit. 

There it is. That’s the most brutal hit Tom Brady has taken in his 22-year career. The hit was delivered by Clements, who was a rookie in 2001. 

Despite the hit, Brady was able to stay in the game and lead the Patriots to a 12-9 win in overtime. The Patriots finished the season 11-5 and won the AFC East on a tiebreaker over the Dolphins, who also finished 11-5. If the the Patriots had lost that game, they likely wouldn’t have won the division. 

Of course, not only did they end up winning the division that year, but they also ended up winning the Super Bowl. That hit might have also inspired Brady to hate the Bills, because he’s dominated them ever since. In his 22-year career, Brady has a 33-3 record against Buffalo. 

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