Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Lakers’ Anthony Davis reveals that he hasn’t shot a basketball since ‘maybe April 5’


If Anthony Davis had his way, he’d be playing in the NBA Finals right now. Of course, he isn’t, and that’s due to a combination of his own injuries and poor management from the front office of his Los Angeles Lakers. So instead of playing in the Finals, Davis is more than two months into his offseason. While this has given him plenty of time to recover from the injuries that ruined last season for him, it is not time he’s been putting to use on basketball development, specifically.

Davis appeared in a video with the gaming channel “Nuke Squad” on Sunday. It was primarily focused on gaming with Davis even playing a bit of Warzone on camera. As for his game on the court? Davis revealed that he hasn’t shot a basketball since “maybe April 5.”

Now, we should point out that Davis has shared his offseason routine publicly before, so this isn’t especially surprising. Last season, he revealed that, broadly, his plan is as follows:

  • One month of rest and recovery following the season.
  • A month and a half of strictly weight training.
  • Start working on basketball-related activities somewhere between a month and a month and a half before training camp.

Of course, it’s worth asking whether or not the season Davis just had should open him up to a revised routine. He shot below 19 percent from behind the arc last season and was below 30 percent the year before that. That would seemingly make shooting an offseason priority for him, and fixing his shot in four-to-six weeks seems a bit ambitious. 

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His shot isn’t the only thing Davis needs to work on, though. He also has to focus on slimming down his body. Davis put on considerable weight last season as he transitioned to playing more center. If Russell Westbrook is back next season, he’ll have to continue spending more time at that position than he’d like. In that sense, an emphasis on weight training makes sense. Lakers fans would probably feel slightly better if he was capable of focusing on that without sacrificing his shot, though, because if Westbrook does indeed return to the Lakers, Davis is going to have to be more of a threat from deep than he’s been over the past two seasons.

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