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Stanley Cup accidentally delivered to Gabriel Landeskog’s neighbors after Avalanche championship win

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There are few things more annoying and inconvenient than when a delivery driver leaves a package at your door that is intended for one of your neighbors instead of you. And it’s one thing to have to knock on your neighbor’s door and explain to them that some trinket or small package was left at the wrong doorstep — it’s quite another if your neighbor just won the Stanley Cup.

According to a 9News, a Denver, Colorado couple received a massive surprise on Monday night when the Stanley Cup was delivered to their home in the Hilltop neighborhood. Kit Karbler and his husband Dmitri Rudenko, the neighbors of Colorado Avalanche team captain Gabriel Landeskog, briefly received the Cup after the similarity in their addresses and a large tree confused the Cup’s keepers.

The Stanley Cup keepers graciously allowed Karbler and Rudenko to spend a few moments with the Cup, taking a photo of the Cup in its case and touching the trophy before guiding the Cup to Landeskog’s house.

“They were gentlemen, completely. They were eager to share the experience of the Cup,” Karbler said. “I had no idea that I would find it so fascinating, myself. … I was just so happy to have the Stanley Cup in our driveway.”

Fox31 later confirmed the mixup with Philip Pritchard, the Hockey Hall of Fame’s Keeper of the Cup.

“We stopped there, we couldn’t really see the number of the house, so I said we’ll just go up and knock,” Prithcard said. “What’s the worst thing, they say, ‘Hi, who are you guys?’ Sure enough, I knock, ‘Hi who are you guys?””

The Landeskogs will surely appreciate their neighbors’ gesture, and just the experience of getting to be a part of the Stanley Cup’s journey was a delight for the Karbler household. Rudenko was among those in Colorado who watched as the Avalanche beat the Tampa Bay Lightning to win their first Stanley Cup in over 20 years.

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