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2022 MLB Draft tracker: Results, analysis, full list of every draft pick as selection process continues Monday

2022 MLB Draft tracker: Results, analysis, full list of every draft pick as selection process continues Monday

The 2022 MLB Draft continues Monday with Rounds 3-10; follow along with every pick

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The 2022 MLB Draft is continuing Monday with Rounds 3-10, and the first selection of the day was made shortly after 2 p.m. ET. The three-day, 20-round process started Sunday night in Los Angeles with the Baltimore Orioles selecting high school shortstop Jackson Holliday (Matt’s son) with the No. 1 pick. The Arizona Diamondbacks then took high school outfielder Druw Jones (Andruw’s son) with the No. 2 pick. Kumar Rocker (Rangers), Termarr Johnson (Pirates) and Elijah Green (Nationals) rounded out the top five.

A total of 80 picks were made Sunday night with Rounds 1 and 2, plus compensatory and Competitive Balance rounds. The draft resumed Monday with Rounds 3-10 before finishing up with Rounds 11-20 on Tuesday. The draft was shortened from 40 rounds to five rounds in 2020 as a cost-cutting move during the pandemic but was stretched back to 20 rounds last year. That will be the new norm heading forward.

So who did your favorite team pick? And where did that intriguing prospect land? We’re keeping tabs on every pick — all 616 — with our 2022 MLB Draft tracker. You can find the full list of picks below, as well as analysis of every first-round selection.

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2022 MLB Draft: First Round Analysis

Compensation picks

31. Rockies: Sterlin Thompson, OF, Florida

32. Reds: Sal Stewart, 3B, Westminster Christian HS (FL)

Competitive Balance Round A

33. Orioles: Dylan Beavers, OF, California

34. Diamondbacks: Landon Sims, P, Mississippi State

35. Braves: JR Ritchie, P, Bainbridge HS (WA)

36. Pirates: Thomas Harrington, P, Campbell

37. Guardians: Justin Campbell, P, Oklahoma State

38. Rockies: Jordan Beck, OF, Tennessee

39. Padres: Robby Snelling, P, McQueen HS (NV)

Second round

40. Dodgers: Dalton Rushing, C, Louisville

41. Red Sox: Cutter Coffey, SS, Liberty HS (CA)

42. Orioles: Max Wagner, 3B, Clemson

43. Diamondbacks: Ivan Melendez, 1B, Texas

44. Pirates: Hunter Barco, P, Barco

45. Nationals: Jake Bennett, P, Oklahoma

46. Marlins: Jacob Miller, P, Liberty Union HS (OH)

47. Cubs: Jackson Ferris, P IMG Academy (FL)

48. Twins: Connor Prielipp, P, Alabama

49. Royals: Cayden Wallace, 3B, Arkansas

50. Rockies: Jackson Cox, P, Toutle Lake HS (WA)

51. Tigers: Peyton Graham, SS, Oklahoma

52. Mets: Blade Tidwell, P, Tennessee 

53. Padres: Adam Mazur, P, Iowa

54. Guardians: Parker Messick, P, Florida State

55. Reds: Logan Tanner, C, Mississippi State

56. Athletics: Henry Bolte, OF, Palo Alto HS (CA)

57. Braves: Cole Phillips, P, Boerne HS (TX)

58. Mariners: Tyler Locklear, 3B, VCU

59. Cardinals: Brycen Mautz, P, San Diego

60. Blue Jays: Josh Kasevich, SS, Oregon

61. Yankees: Drew Thorpe, P, Cal Poly 

62. White Sox: Peyton Pallette, P, Arkansas

63. Brewers: Jacob Misiorowski, P, Crowder College

64. Astros: Jacob Melton, OF, Oregon State

65. Rays: Brock Jones, OF, Stanford

66. Giants: Carson Whisenhunt, P, East Carolina

Competitive Balance Round B

67. Orioles: Jud Fabian, OF, Florida

68. Twins: Tanner Schobel, SS, Virginia Tech

69. Athletics: Clark Elliott, OF, Michigan

70. Rays: Chandler Simpson, SS, Georgia Tech

71. Rays: Ryan Cermak, OF, Illinois State

72. Brewers: Robert Moore, SS, Arkansas

73. Reds: Justin Boyd, OF, Oregon State

74. Mariners: Walter Ford, P, Pace HS (FL)

Compensation picks

75. Mets: Nick Morabito, 2B, Gonzaga HS (DC)

76. Braves: Blake Burkhalter, P, Auburn

77. Blue Jays: Tucker Toman, SS, Hammond School HS (SC)

78. Blue Jays: Cade Doughty, 2B, LSU

79. Red Sox: Roman Anthony, OF, Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS (FL)

80. Astros: Andrew Taylor, P, Central Michigan

Third round

81. Orioles: Nolan McLean, P, Oklahoma State 

82. Diamondbacks: Nate Savino, P, Virginia

83. Pirates: Jack Brannigan, two-way player, Notre Dame

84. Nationals: Trey Lipscomb, 3B, Tennessee 

85. Marlins: Karson Milbrandt, P, Liberty Senior HS (MO)

86. Cubs: Christopher Paciolla, SS, Temecula Valley HS (CA)

87. Royals: Mason Barnett, P, Auburn   

88. Rockies: Carson Palmquist, P, Miami

89. Angels: Ben Joyce, P, Tennessee

90. Mets: Brandon Sproat, P, Florida

91. Padres: Henry Williams, P, Duke   

92. Guardians: Joe Lampe, OF, Arizona State

93. Phillies: Gabriel Rincones Jr., OF, Florida Atlantic

94. Reds: Bryce Hubbart, P, Florida State

95. Athletics: Colby Thomas, OF, Mercer

96. Braves: Drake Baldwin, C, Missouri State

97. Cardinals: Pete Hansen, P, Texas

98. Blue Jays: Alan Roden, OF, Creighton 

99. Red Sox: Dalton Rogers, P, Southern Miss

100. Yankees: Trystan Vrieling, P, Gonzaga

101. White Sox: Jonathan Cannon, P, Georgia

102. Brewers: Dylan O’Rae, SS, Northern Collegiate Institute (ON)

103. Astros: Michael Knorr, P, Coastal Carolina  

104. Rays: Trevor Martin, P, Oklahoma State

105. Dodgers: Alex Freeland, SS, Central Florida

106. Giants: William Kempner, P, Gonzaga

Fourth round

107. Orioles: Silas Ardoin, C, Texas 

108. Diamondbacks: Dylan Ray, P, Alabama

109. Rangers: Brock Porter, P, St. Mary’s Prep HS (MI)

110. Pirates: Michael Kennedy, P, Troy HS (NY)

111. Nationals: Brenner Cox, OF, Rock Hill HS (TX)

112. Marlins: Marcus Johnson, P, Duke

113. Cubs: Nazier Mule, P, Passaic Tech HS (NJ) 

114. Twins: Andrew Morris, P, Texas Tech 

115. Royals: Steven Zobac, P, California 

116. Rockies: Ryan Ritter, SS, Kentucky

117. Tigers: Troy Melton, P, San Diego State

118. Angels: Jake Madden, P, Northwest Florida State  

119. Mets: Jacob Reimer, 3B, Yucaipa HS (CA)

120. Padres: Lamar King Jr., C, Calvert Hall HS (MD)

121. Guardians: Nate Furman, 2B, UNC Charlotte

122. Phillies: Alex McFarlane, P, Miami 

123. Reds: Kenya Huggins, P, Chipola College

124. Athletics: Jacob Watters, P, West Virginia

125. Braves: David McCabe, 3B, UNC Charlotte

126. Mariners: Ashton Izzi, P, Oswego East HS (IL)

127. Cardinals: Jimmy Crooks III, C, Oklahoma

128. Blue Jays: Ryan Jennings, P, Louisiana Tech

129. Red Sox: Chase Meidroth, SS, San Diego

130. Yankees: Anthony Hall, OF, Oregon

131. White Sox: Jordan Sprinkle, SS, UC Santa Barbara   

132. Brewers: Matthew Wood, C, Penn State

133. Astros: Trey Dombroski III, P, Monmouth 

134. Rays: Dominic Keegan, C, Vanderbilt

135. Dodgers:  Nick Biddison, OF, Virginia Tech

136. Giants: Spencer Miles, P, Missouri

Fifth round

137. Orioles: Trace Bright, P, Auburn 

138. Diamondbacks: Andrew Pintar, SS, BYU

139. Rangers:

140. Pirates:

141. Nationals:

142. Marlins:

143. Cubs:

144. Twins:

145. Royals:

146. Rockies:

147. Tigers:

148. Angels:

149. Mets:

150. Padres:

151. Guardians:

152. Phillies:

153. Reds:

154. Athletics:

155. Braves:

156. Mariners:

157. Cardinals:

158. Blue Jays:

159. Red Sox:

160. Yankees:

161. White Sox:

162. Brewers:

163. Astros:

164. Rays:

165. Dodgers:

166. Giants:

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