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Cowboys’ Dak Prescott says this will be ‘the golden year,’ talks about goals of winning a Super Bowl


If you are waiting for Dak Prescott’s golden year, then do I have great news for you. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback reveled that this is his golden birthday, meaning he is turning the age of the day his birthday is on, 29 on July 29.

He also said (via, “I plan for this to be the golden year.” What exactly this “golden year” will entail is still unknown, but he clearly has high hopes for the season.

Prescott has not embarrassed himself by any means, but season after season the Cowboys fail to live up to expectations. With Prescott leading the offense, the team has only won one of the four playoff games they have qualified for.

Owner Jerry Jones has long talked a big game and the team has brought in talent that should get a lot farther into the playoffs than they have. It has gone so far that it’s becoming a running joke on the internet that the Cowboys can’t win a playoff game and sadly for Dallas fans, the joke is mostly the truth.

The Cowboys are one of two teams to have a playoff record below .250 over the last 25 season with a 3-10 record. The other team is the Detroit Lions

Sad Cowboys fans have become a meme and it seems like the day they actually make a run in the playoffs may never come, but clearly this year Prescott has faith that he could help rewrite the team’s reputation. 

Prescott talked about the team’s struggles and the goal of doing something the team has not done since 1995: Win a Super Bowl.

“I mean obviously knowing the quarterbacks that played specifically for this team and knowing their legacy and the ones that we hold at the highest standard are the ones that have Super Bowl rings,” he said. “It starts there for me, trying to fill the shoes of those guys that have come before me and do something for this organization that hasn’t been done in a long time.”

The Cowboys will kick off the 2022 regular season on September 11 with a game against the 2020 Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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