Saturday, October 1, 2022

Crystal Palace’s Joachim Andersen receives death threats after headbutt from Liverpool’s Darwin Nunez


What happens during the course of a sporting event can bleed over onto social media after the game. The latest example is Crystal Palace defender Joachim Andersen receiving numerous death threats after being headbutted by Liverpool striker Darwin Nunez, who was sent off with a red card.

In the second half of Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Crystal Palace on Monday, Nunez’s temper got the best of him after a heated battle with Andersen. In the 61st minute, Nunez turned and headbutted Andersen in the mouth. With Andersen laying on the ground, Nunez was slapped with a red card and forced to leave the game.

In the aftermath of that drama, Andersen said he has gotten hundreds of death threats from fans upset that the play resulted in Nunez being sent off and suspended. Andersen posted some of the messages on his Instagram story, as well as a message of his own about the hate that has been spewed in his direction.

“Got maybe 3-400 of these messages last night,” Andersen wrote. “I understand you support a team but have some respect and stop act tough online.”

Nunez has been suspended for three games, which means he will miss Liverpool’s showdown with Manchester United later in August. In his postgame press conference, Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk spoke about the need for Nunez to manage his temper.

“He has to control himself, definitely,” Van Dijk said, via ESPN. “He has to manage himself. He has to be knowing that these things can happen, especially in the Premier League. t will be a learning curve for him and hopefully it will never happen again. Obviously he was disappointed and also probably with himself.

“But it’s a learning curve and we will always back him. He’s got the backing from us and he knows it should not happen again and hopefully it will be that way.”

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