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Fantasy Football Superflex PPR Mock Draft full results, recap: ‘Hero QB’ approach comes into play

We’ve all become familiar with Hero RB as a draft strategy. That’s when you select one high-end running back in the first two rounds, followed by addressing the starting positions everywhere else, and then drafting a second running back later.

It’s my favorite way to build a team in PPR. And in a Superflex league, you can take a similar approach at quarterback. Call it Hero QB.

In our latest 12-team, Superflex mock draft, we had two managers start their rosters with a QB-QB approach. Adam Aizer went with Kyler Murray and Joe Burrow from the No. 10 spot, and Dave Richard started with Tom Brady and Russell Wilson from No. 12. Both have strong rosters in this PPR league.

Along with Murray and Burrow, Adam has Leonard Fournette and A.J. Dillon at running back, CeeDee Lamb, Michael Thomas and Jerry Jeudy at receiver, Austin Hooper at tight end and Christian Kirk at flex. His top bench options are Mac Jones, Miles Sanders, Ken Walker and Marquez Valdes-Scantling.

For Dave, he has D’Andre Swift and Josh Jacobs at running back, Deebo Samuel, Allen Robinson and Terry McLaurin at receiver, Dalton Schultz at tight end and Devin Singletary at flex. His bench is led by Kenny Pickett, Brian Robinson, Treylon Burks and Skyy Moore.

Even though both of these managers went QB-QB, they still got high-end talent at running back and receiver. But Heath Cummings, who went Hero QB, did better at those spots and just needs a second quarterback to hit to have a lethal roster.

Picking at No. 7 overall, Heath started his team with Christian McCaffrey and then selected Dak Prescott in Round 2. Heath then began to clean up everywhere else with Alvin Kamara in Round 3, D.J. Moore in Round 4, Brandin Cooks in Round 5, Darren Waller in Round 6, Adam Thielen in Round 7 and Clyde Edwards-Helaire in Round 8.

Heath went after quarterbacks next, with Marcus Mariota in Round 9 and Deshaun Watson in Round 10, and he somehow managed to get Zach Wilson in Round 15. He also has Melvin Gordon, Mark Ingram, Jahan Dotson and Jalen Tolbert on his bench.

If Heath can manage with Mariota and Wilson until Watson returns from his 11-game suspension in Week 13, he could have the best roster in this league. Heath didn’t panic and reach for a second quarterback, and this could be a great strategy to use in this format.

I took a similar approach to Heath, but I drafted my second quarterback earlier. From the No. 5 spot, I started my team with Lamar Jackson, Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon and Michael Pittman with my first four picks. 

In Round 5, I went with Tua Tagovailoa, and he was the last quarterback available that I felt comfortable with as a starter. I was happy with the start of this team at this point.

I ended up with Breece Hall as my flex in Round 6, and I drafted Rashod Bateman as my No. 2 receiver in Round 7. I might have made a mistake drafting Dameon Pierce in Round 8, but I liked him better than anyone else on the board. It was frustrating having Dallas Goedert get drafted right in front of me in this round.

My third receiver will eventually be DeAndre Hopkins, who I selected in Round 9, but I’ll open the season with DeVonta Smith (Round 10) in that spot. Once Hopkins’ six-game suspension ends in Round 7, my receiving corps should be solid.

Davis Mills is my third quarterback, and I love my reserve running backs in Isiah Pacheco and Alexander Mattison to go with Pierce. I also have Russell Gage as my fifth receiver. I punted on tight end, but Tyler Higbee will hopefully have a prominent role with the Rams this year and be a serviceable Fantasy starter.

In this league, all touchdowns are worth six points, and we award one point for every 10 yards rushing and receiving and one point for every 25 yards passing. We also award one point for every reception. We feature a starting lineup of QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, SUPERFLEX (QB/RB/WR/TE) and FLEX (RB/WR/TE) with six reserves for a 15-round draft.

Our draft order is as follows:

1. Daniel Schneier, Fantasy Editor

2. Jack Capotorto FFT HQ Producer

3. Chris Towers, Senior Editor, Fantasy Sports

4. Meron Berkson, CBS Sports HQ Producer

5. Jamey Eisenberg, Senior Fantasy Writer

6. Zach Brook, FFT Social Producer 

7. Heath Cummings, Senior Fantasy Writer

8. Robert Thomas, FFT Facebook Moderator

9. Noah Mindel, CBS Sports HQ Producer

10. Adam Aizer, FFT Podcast Host

11. Frank Stampfl, FBT Podcast Host

12. Dave Richard, Senior Fantasy Writer

Round By Round

Round 1
Pos Team Player
1 Daniel Schneier J. Allen QB BUF
2 Jack Capotorto J. Herbert QB LAC
3 Chris Towers P. Mahomes QB KC
4 Meron Berkson J. Taylor RB IND
5 Jamey Eisenberg L. Jackson QB BAL
6 Zach Brook J. Hurts QB PHI
7 Heath Cummings C. McCaffrey RB CAR
8 Rob Thomas A. Ekeler RB LAC
9 Noah Mindel C. Kupp WR LAR
10 Adam Aizer K. Murray QB ARI
11 Frank Stampfl J. Jefferson WR MIN
12 Dave Richard T. Brady QB TB
Round 2
Pos Team Player
13 Dave Richard R. Wilson QB DEN
14 Frank Stampfl T. Lance QB SF
15 Adam Aizer J. Burrow QB CIN
16 Noah Mindel D. Henry RB TEN
17 Rob Thomas T. Kelce TE KC
18 Heath Cummings D. Prescott QB DAL
19 Zach Brook N. Harris RB PIT
20 Jamey Eisenberg D. Cook RB MIN
21 Meron Berkson M. Stafford QB LAR
22 Chris Towers D. Adams WR LV
23 Jack Capotorto J. Chase WR CIN
24 Daniel Schneier S. Diggs WR BUF
Round 3
Pos Team Player
25 Daniel Schneier A. Rodgers QB GB
26 Jack Capotorto D. Carr QB LV
27 Chris Towers M. Andrews TE BAL
28 Meron Berkson K. Cousins QB MIN
29 Jamey Eisenberg J. Mixon RB CIN
30 Zach Brook A. Jones RB GB
31 Heath Cummings A. Kamara RB NO
32 Rob Thomas T. Lawrence QB JAC
33 Noah Mindel J. Winston QB NO
34 Adam Aizer C. Lamb WR DAL
35 Frank Stampfl S. Barkley RB NYG
36 Dave Richard D. Swift RB DET
Round 4
Pos Team Player
37 Dave Richard D. Samuel WR SF
38 Frank Stampfl J. Fields QB CHI
39 Adam Aizer L. Fournette RB TB
40 Noah Mindel J. Williams RB DEN
41 Rob Thomas C. Godwin WR TB
42 Heath Cummings D. Moore WR CAR
43 Zach Brook K. Allen WR LAC
44 Jamey Eisenberg M. Pittman WR IND
45 Meron Berkson T. Hill WR MIA
46 Chris Towers M. Evans WR TB
47 Jack Capotorto N. Chubb RB CLE
48 Daniel Schneier T. Higgins WR CIN
Round 5
Pos Team Player
49 Daniel Schneier K. Pitts TE ATL
50 Jack Capotorto A. Brown WR PHI
51 Chris Towers M. Williams WR LAC
52 Meron Berkson J. Conner RB ARI
53 Jamey Eisenberg T. Tagovailoa QB MIA
54 Zach Brook J. Dobbins RB BAL
55 Heath Cummings B. Cooks WR HOU
56 Rob Thomas C. Sutton WR DEN
57 Noah Mindel J. Waddle WR MIA
58 Adam Aizer M. Thomas WR NO
59 Frank Stampfl T. Etienne RB JAC
60 Dave Richard T. McLaurin WR WAS
Round 6
Pos Team Player
61 Dave Richard A. Robinson WR LAR
62 Frank Stampfl D. Johnson WR PIT
63 Adam Aizer J. Jeudy WR DEN
64 Noah Mindel M. Ryan QB IND
65 Rob Thomas J. Goff QB DET
66 Heath Cummings D. Waller TE LV
67 Zach Brook R. Tannehill QB TEN
68 Jamey Eisenberg B. Hall RB NYJ
69 Meron Berkson G. Kittle TE SF
70 Chris Towers D. Montgomery RB CHI
71 Jack Capotorto E. Elliott RB DAL
72 Daniel Schneier M. Brown WR ARI
Round 7
Pos Team Player
73 Daniel Schneier C. Akers RB LAR
74 Jack Capotorto G. Davis WR BUF
75 Chris Towers D. Mooney WR CHI
76 Meron Berkson D. Metcalf WR SEA
77 Jamey Eisenberg R. Bateman WR BAL
78 Zach Brook A. Lazard WR GB
79 Heath Cummings A. Thielen WR MIN
80 Rob Thomas C. Edmonds RB MIA
81 Noah Mindel A. St. Brown WR DET
82 Adam Aizer A. Dillon RB GB
83 Frank Stampfl J. Smith-Schuster WR KC
84 Dave Richard J. Jacobs RB LV
Round 8
Pos Team Player
85 Dave Richard D. Schultz TE DAL
86 Frank Stampfl E. Moore WR NYJ
87 Adam Aizer C. Kirk WR JAC
88 Noah Mindel D. Harris RB NE
89 Rob Thomas R. Stevenson RB NE
90 Heath Cummings C. Edwards-Helaire RB KC
91 Zach Brook D. Goedert TE PHI
92 Jamey Eisenberg D. Pierce RB HOU
93 Meron Berkson A. Cooper WR CLE
94 Chris Towers C. Wentz QB WAS
95 Jack Capotorto K. Hunt RB CLE
96 Daniel Schneier E. Mitchell RB SF
Round 9
Pos Team Player
97 Daniel Schneier B. Aiyuk WR SF
98 Jack Capotorto T. Pollard RB DAL
99 Chris Towers R. Penny RB SEA
100 Meron Berkson D. London WR ATL
101 Jamey Eisenberg D. Hopkins WR ARI
102 Zach Brook H. Renfrow WR LV
103 Heath Cummings M. Mariota QB ATL
104 Rob Thomas R. Woods WR TEN
105 Noah Mindel T. Hockenson TE DET
106 Adam Aizer M. Sanders RB PHI
107 Frank Stampfl B. Mayfield QB CAR
108 Dave Richard D. Singletary RB BUF
Round 10
Pos Team Player
109 Dave Richard B. Robinson Jr. RB WAS
110 Frank Stampfl Z. Ertz TE ARI
111 Adam Aizer M. Jones QB NE
112 Noah Mindel A. Gibson RB WAS
113 Rob Thomas C. Patterson RB ATL
114 Heath Cummings D. Watson QB CLE
115 Zach Brook G. Pickens WR PIT
116 Jamey Eisenberg D. Smith WR PHI
117 Meron Berkson N. Hines RB IND
118 Chris Towers J. Robinson RB JAC
119 Jack Capotorto N. Collins WR HOU
120 Daniel Schneier K. Toney WR NYG
Round 11
Pos Team Player
121 Daniel Schneier D. Henderson RB LAR
122 Jack Capotorto C. Kmet TE CHI
123 Chris Towers T. Lockett WR SEA
124 Meron Berkson C. Olave WR NO
125 Jamey Eisenberg D. Mills QB HOU
126 Zach Brook J. Cook RB BUF
127 Heath Cummings M. Gordon RB DEN
128 Rob Thomas M. Gesicki TE MIA
129 Noah Mindel T. Allgeier RB ATL
130 Adam Aizer K. Walker III RB SEA
131 Frank Stampfl K. Gainwell RB PHI
132 Dave Richard T. Burks WR TEN
Round 12
Pos Team Player
133 Dave Richard S. Moore WR KC
134 Frank Stampfl J. Jones WR TB
135 Adam Aizer M. Valdes-Scantling WR KC
136 Noah Mindel D. Parker WR NE
137 Rob Thomas P. Freiermuth TE PIT
138 Heath Cummings J. Dotson WR WAS
139 Zach Brook M. Gallup WR DAL
140 Jamey Eisenberg I. Pacheco RB KC
141 Meron Berkson M. Carter RB NYJ
142 Chris Towers C. Claypool WR PIT
143 Jack Capotorto I. McKenzie WR BUF
144 Daniel Schneier K. Herbert RB CHI
Round 13
Pos Team Player
145 Daniel Schneier D. Jones QB NYG
146 Jack Capotorto R. Doubs WR GB
147 Chris Towers Z. White RB LV
148 Meron Berkson G. Wilson WR NYJ
149 Jamey Eisenberg A. Mattison RB MIN
150 Zach Brook J. McKissic RB WAS
151 Heath Cummings J. Tolbert WR DAL
152 Rob Thomas T. Davis-Price RB SF
153 Noah Mindel D. Knox TE BUF
154 Adam Aizer J. Williams RB DET
155 Frank Stampfl I. Spiller RB LAC
156 Dave Richard K. Pickett QB PIT
Round 14
Pos Team Player
157 Dave Richard L. Thomas TE WAS
158 Frank Stampfl J. Palmer WR LAC
159 Adam Aizer R. Moore WR ARI
160 Noah Mindel T. Boyd WR CIN
161 Rob Thomas R. Mostert RB MIA
162 Heath Cummings M. Ingram RB NO
163 Zach Brook D. Ridder QB ATL
164 Jamey Eisenberg R. Gage WR TB
165 Meron Berkson R. White RB TB
166 Chris Towers G. Everett TE LAC
167 Jack Capotorto I. Smith TE MIN
168 Daniel Schneier K. Osborn WR MIN
Round 15
Pos Team Player
169 Daniel Schneier C. Watson WR GB
170 Jack Capotorto J. Meyers WR NE
171 Chris Towers M. Trubisky QB PIT
172 Meron Berkson D. Chark WR DET
173 Jamey Eisenberg T. Higbee TE LAR
174 Zach Brook A. Pierce WR IND
175 Heath Cummings Z. Wilson QB NYJ
176 Rob Thomas S. Watkins WR GB
177 Noah Mindel A. Okwuegbunam TE DEN
178 Adam Aizer A. Hooper TE TEN
179 Frank Stampfl W. Robinson WR NYG
180 Dave Richard T. Montgomery RB NE

Team by Team

Daniel Schneier
Rd Pk Player
1 1 J. Allen QB BUF
2 24 S. Diggs WR BUF
3 25 A. Rodgers QB GB
4 48 T. Higgins WR CIN
5 49 K. Pitts TE ATL
6 72 M. Brown WR ARI
7 73 C. Akers RB LAR
8 96 E. Mitchell RB SF
9 97 B. Aiyuk WR SF
10 120 K. Toney WR NYG
11 121 D. Henderson RB LAR
12 144 K. Herbert RB CHI
13 145 D. Jones QB NYG
14 168 K. Osborn WR MIN
15 169 C. Watson WR GB
Jack Capotorto
Rd Pk Player
1 2 J. Herbert QB LAC
2 23 J. Chase WR CIN
3 26 D. Carr QB LV
4 47 N. Chubb RB CLE
5 50 A. Brown WR PHI
6 71 E. Elliott RB DAL
7 74 G. Davis WR BUF
8 95 K. Hunt RB CLE
9 98 T. Pollard RB DAL
10 119 N. Collins WR HOU
11 122 C. Kmet TE CHI
12 143 I. McKenzie WR BUF
13 146 R. Doubs WR GB
14 167 I. Smith TE MIN
15 170 J. Meyers WR NE
Chris Towers
Rd Pk Player
1 3 P. Mahomes QB KC
2 22 D. Adams WR LV
3 27 M. Andrews TE BAL
4 46 M. Evans WR TB
5 51 M. Williams WR LAC
6 70 D. Montgomery RB CHI
7 75 D. Mooney WR CHI
8 94 C. Wentz QB WAS
9 99 R. Penny RB SEA
10 118 J. Robinson RB JAC
11 123 T. Lockett WR SEA
12 142 C. Claypool WR PIT
13 147 Z. White RB LV
14 166 G. Everett TE LAC
15 171 M. Trubisky QB PIT
Meron Berkson
Rd Pk Player
1 4 J. Taylor RB IND
2 21 M. Stafford QB LAR
3 28 K. Cousins QB MIN
4 45 T. Hill WR MIA
5 52 J. Conner RB ARI
6 69 G. Kittle TE SF
7 76 D. Metcalf WR SEA
8 93 A. Cooper WR CLE
9 100 D. London WR ATL
10 117 N. Hines RB IND
11 124 C. Olave WR NO
12 141 M. Carter RB NYJ
13 148 G. Wilson WR NYJ
14 165 R. White RB TB
15 172 D. Chark WR DET
Jamey Eisenberg
Rd Pk Player
1 5 L. Jackson QB BAL
2 20 D. Cook RB MIN
3 29 J. Mixon RB CIN
4 44 M. Pittman WR IND
5 53 T. Tagovailoa QB MIA
6 68 B. Hall RB NYJ
7 77 R. Bateman WR BAL
8 92 D. Pierce RB HOU
9 101 D. Hopkins WR ARI
10 116 D. Smith WR PHI
11 125 D. Mills QB HOU
12 140 I. Pacheco RB KC
13 149 A. Mattison RB MIN
14 164 R. Gage WR TB
15 173 T. Higbee TE LAR
Zach Brook
Rd Pk Player
1 6 J. Hurts QB PHI
2 19 N. Harris RB PIT
3 30 A. Jones RB GB
4 43 K. Allen WR LAC
5 54 J. Dobbins RB BAL
6 67 R. Tannehill QB TEN
7 78 A. Lazard WR GB
8 91 D. Goedert TE PHI
9 102 H. Renfrow WR LV
10 115 G. Pickens WR PIT
11 126 J. Cook RB BUF
12 139 M. Gallup WR DAL
13 150 J. McKissic RB WAS
14 163 D. Ridder QB ATL
15 174 A. Pierce WR IND
Heath Cummings
Rd Pk Player
1 7 C. McCaffrey RB CAR
2 18 D. Prescott QB DAL
3 31 A. Kamara RB NO
4 42 D. Moore WR CAR
5 55 B. Cooks WR HOU
6 66 D. Waller TE LV
7 79 A. Thielen WR MIN
8 90 C. Edwards-Helaire RB KC
9 103 M. Mariota QB ATL
10 114 D. Watson QB CLE
11 127 M. Gordon RB DEN
12 138 J. Dotson WR WAS
13 151 J. Tolbert WR DAL
14 162 M. Ingram RB NO
15 175 Z. Wilson QB NYJ
Rob Thomas
Rd Pk Player
1 8 A. Ekeler RB LAC
2 17 T. Kelce TE KC
3 32 T. Lawrence QB JAC
4 41 C. Godwin WR TB
5 56 C. Sutton WR DEN
6 65 J. Goff QB DET
7 80 C. Edmonds RB MIA
8 89 R. Stevenson RB NE
9 104 R. Woods WR TEN
10 113 C. Patterson RB ATL
11 128 M. Gesicki TE MIA
12 137 P. Freiermuth TE PIT
13 152 T. Davis-Price RB SF
14 161 R. Mostert RB MIA
15 176 S. Watkins WR GB
Noah Mindel
Rd Pk Player
1 9 C. Kupp WR LAR
2 16 D. Henry RB TEN
3 33 J. Winston QB NO
4 40 J. Williams RB DEN
5 57 J. Waddle WR MIA
6 64 M. Ryan QB IND
7 81 A. St. Brown WR DET
8 88 D. Harris RB NE
9 105 T. Hockenson TE DET
10 112 A. Gibson RB WAS
11 129 T. Allgeier RB ATL
12 136 D. Parker WR NE
13 153 D. Knox TE BUF
14 160 T. Boyd WR CIN
15 177 A. Okwuegbunam TE DEN
Adam Aizer
Rd Pk Player
1 10 K. Murray QB ARI
2 15 J. Burrow QB CIN
3 34 C. Lamb WR DAL
4 39 L. Fournette RB TB
5 58 M. Thomas WR NO
6 63 J. Jeudy WR DEN
7 82 A. Dillon RB GB
8 87 C. Kirk WR JAC
9 106 M. Sanders RB PHI
10 111 M. Jones QB NE
11 130 K. Walker III RB SEA
12 135 M. Valdes-Scantling WR KC
13 154 J. Williams RB DET
14 159 R. Moore WR ARI
15 178 A. Hooper TE TEN
Frank Stampfl
Rd Pk Player
1 11 J. Jefferson WR MIN
2 14 T. Lance QB SF
3 35 S. Barkley RB NYG
4 38 J. Fields QB CHI
5 59 T. Etienne RB JAC
6 62 D. Johnson WR PIT
7 83 J. Smith-Schuster WR KC
8 86 E. Moore WR NYJ
9 107 B. Mayfield QB CAR
10 110 Z. Ertz TE ARI
11 131 K. Gainwell RB PHI
12 134 J. Jones WR TB
13 155 I. Spiller RB LAC
14 158 J. Palmer WR LAC
15 179 W. Robinson WR NYG
Dave Richard
Rd Pk Player
1 12 T. Brady QB TB
2 13 R. Wilson QB DEN
3 36 D. Swift RB DET
4 37 D. Samuel WR SF
5 60 T. McLaurin WR WAS
6 61 A. Robinson WR LAR
7 84 J. Jacobs RB LV
8 85 D. Schultz TE DAL
9 108 D. Singletary RB BUF
10 109 B. Robinson Jr. RB WAS
11 132 T. Burks WR TEN
12 133 S. Moore WR KC
13 156 K. Pickett QB PIT
14 157 L. Thomas TE WAS
15 180 T. Montgomery RB NE

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