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WATCH: Eli Manning shares hilarious story about getting confused for Michael Phelps

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Being a two-time Super Bowl champion and a two-time Super Bowl MVP should make a person instantly recognizable. However, as Eli Manning found out the hard way, that is not always the case.

Manning was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and he told a story about being confused for legendary Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. Manning said he went to check out at a store, and the cashier seemed excited to meet him.

As Manning quickly discovered, the employee wasn’t excited to meet the long-time New York Giants quarterback. Instead, he thought Phelps had just approached the counter, and Manning had to clear the air.

In fairness to the cashier, Manning did go undercover recently. In an episode of Eli’s Places, the Giants legend disguised himself as quarterback Chad Powers to try out for the Penn State football program as a walk-on.

Manning was asked about the stunt by Fallon, and he said that Powers has plenty of talent. The only thing holding him back from being a college superstar is his eligibility — or lack thereof.

“I was slinging it. Chad can throw it. He can really throw it,” Manning said. “He’s a good player. He would have made the team, but he’s ineligible.”

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