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Watch as Brock Lesnar uses tractor to lift ring, dump Roman Reigns during WWE SummerSlam

Brock Lesnar WWE SummerSlam

The WWE universal championship was up for grabs during Saturday’s WWE SummerSlam, with Brock Lesnar unsuccessfully attempting to pry it from defending champ Roman Reigns. Lesnar, though, showed plenty of drive while vying for the belt at Nissan Stadium — in more ways than one. 

In one of the most bizarre introductions in WWE history, a cowboy hat-wearing Lesnar drove a tractor to the ring. Watch as Lesnar rolls through and smiles to the crowd while a perplexed Reigns looks on from the ring. 

The tractor turned out to be more than a ride for Lesnar. Midway through the match, Lesnar tossed Reigns onto the tractor’s front loader, drove the tractor ringside and dumped Reigns back into the ring.   

Here’s a look at Reigns’ unpleasant tractor ride, which ended with Lesnar serving him a German Suplex. 

Even more tractor shenanigans ensued, and Lesnar saved the biggest for last. Lesnar used the tractor to lift an entire corner of the ring, causing a battered Reigns to tumble out and hit the deck hard. 

Reigns — thanks to an assist from the Usos, who jumped Lesnar after he moved the ring and later helped Reigns bury him under the debris — clawed back to win the match and retain his championship belt. But while Reigns got the win, Lesnar’s unforgettable tractor antics largely stole the show from the highly-anticipated title match. 

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