Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Bobby Green says he was ‘robbed’ of $20,000 after giving away another $40,000: ‘It’s a blessing for someone’

Bobby Green is living up to his last name. Green arrived at a UFC Fight Night media day in April carrying $60,000 in  cash, money he says he’s since shared with those in need. Most of the cash was given away by choice, but Green says a third of it was stolen. Not one to be deterred, Saturday’s UFC headliner rolls with the punches in and out of the Octagon.

“I’m going to tell you a crazy story,” Green told CBS Sports ahead of his UFC Fight Night main event against Grant Dawson this weekend. “You remember that 60 grand? I have been giving it away for the last year or so. Giving it to people and helping people. I think I had 20 grand left. Recently, about a week or two ago, I got robbed for the 20 grand. It wasn’t literally on me because I’d be dead right now. I’m [going to] die before I let somebody take something from me and me not fight. 

“What I think happened was I was here for my buddy Alex Reyes’ fight. I’m down here training for my fight and helping him. I’m dog tired. I must have freakin’ left my sunroof open. I left my sunroof open. I think they went in through the sunroof and got my bag full of [$20,000].”

Check out the full interview with Bobby Green below.

Green is in good spirits after the alleged theft. He says the stolen money ultimately serves the intention Green had for it.

“It’s OK, it’s a blessing for someone,” Green said. “Someone really needed it. If you need to jump into a sunroof to get some money, you probably really need it.”

Asked what compelled him to part with so much money, Green reflected on his childhood. Green, 37, entered the foster system at five-years-old due to his father’s incarceration and his mother’s battles with substance use.

“I’ve always been this way since I was a kid. I think it forged me through fire. I was born this way,” Green said. “I’ve always had to be grateful for everything that I got. I remember what it was like to be that poor kid who slept on couches. Who was homeless. Who ate leftovers and hand-me-downs.”

Green headlines UFC Fight Night against rising lightweight contender Dawson. Green is a gunslinger, a rare utilizer of the Philly Shell and shoulder rolls in MMA. Dawson is a frustrating grappler who specializes in taking the back. It’s not a particularly appealing fight for Green on the surface. The same spirit that has guided Green through life compelled him to take the fight.

“I have a goal. I have three kids. I want to get a home for each one of those kids,” Green said. “I want to be able to give them this, ‘Hey, your home is here. It’s paid off. That is my gift to you. My dad didn’t give me anything. Maybe I can’t pay for college or maybe I can’t get you all the things in the world, but here. I’m giving you a home that you will always have. It’s something that I as a kid had to go through 50 different homes. It’s something that you’ll have so you won’t have to go through what I had to.”

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