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Mookie Betts calls himself out after Dodgers get swept by D-backs: ‘I did absolutely nothing to help us win’

Mookie Betts calls himself out after Dodgers get swept by D-backs: 'I did absolutely nothing to help us win'

Betts and Freddie Freeman, the Dodgers’ biggest stars, were awful at the plate in the NLDS vs. Arizona

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The Los Angeles Dodgers won 100 games in the regular season, taking their 10th NL West crown in the last 11 seasons. The one time they didn’t win the NL West, they won 106 games and got to the NLCS. Still, they were eliminated from the postseason Wednesday night in Arizona by the 84-win Diamondbacks. There was much ado about the Dodgers’ pitching woes heading into the playoffs and while Clayton Kershaw’s horrific first inning in Game 1 set the tone, the offense was terrible throughout. 

The Dodgers have two MVP-caliber players in their lineup in Freddie Freeman and Mookie Betts. The two combined to go 1 for 21 in the series. The one hit was an infield hit by Freeman in which he hit a grounder down the first-base line and slid feet first into first base in a play so close a replay review was used. 

“I did absolutely nothing to help us win,” Betts told reporters afterward.

“Not good by us,” a frustrated Freeman added.

We can write Game 1 off. The Dodgers were so far behind most of the game, it isn’t worth diving in to the offense. In Games 2 and 3, though, they had chances to win. 

  • In the bottom of the fifth in Game 2, with the Dodgers down two runs, Betts came to the plate with two runners on base and one out. He hit into a fielder’s choice and then Freeman struck out to end the inning, leaving two men on base.
  • In the seventh in Game 2, Betts reached on an error to the start the inning, again with the Dodgers down two runs. Freeman hit into a double play. 
  • In the eighth inning of Game 3, with the Dodgers trailing by two runs and six outs from elimination, Kolton Wong drew a leadoff walk. A home run would’ve tied the game, obviously, but even just getting runners on base could’ve saved the season. Betts and Freeman both struck out. 

During the regular season, Betts led all position players in WAR at 8.4. He hit .307/.408/.579 (163 OPS+) with 40 doubles, a triple, 39 home runs, 107 RBI (as a leadoff man!), 126 runs and 14 steals. He’s probably going to finish second in NL MVP voting. Freeman hit .331/.410/.567 (161 OPS+) with 59 doubles (one of the highest totals in history!), two triples, 29 homers, 102 RBI, 131 runs and 23 stolen bases in 24 attempts. He’ll finish either third or fourth in NL MVP voting. 

And the two were total no-shows in the NLDS, where the Dodgers were swept and go home after just three playoff games following a 100-win season. After doing so much to help their team win games in the regular season, Betts and Freeman did absolutely nothing to help their team win in the playoffs.

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